Tech test que time is 2+ hours!

7 min to 2+ hours! :joy:


(not mad tho cuz I know it’s a tech test!)

We all just got bamboozled.

Hahaha, I think the servers willcrash in a little while

Im over 3 hours :frowning:


Well, I had 7 min and then it jumped to 2+ hours out of no where xD

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Yeah, ill just take a nap lol

1 hour 7 mins…that was 25 mins ago…still said 1 hour 7 mins…arrrgghhhh

Think they did!

Might just go have a couple of beers as I wait

Yea I dont think we will be able to play any time soon. Might wait a couple of hours.

Enjoy your drink tho! :stuck_out_tongue:




I have to wait more (censored) ages than you though. Lol

Christ I got in…did the training no go to match…match making needs to improve 14 mins so far …no squad