Tech test more like SWEAT FEST

Jesus dude. Jumped into koth first time. Haven’t played gears 4 in months. Sweatiest people I’ve ever seen playing like it’s their day job rank 30 something already. WTH dude.

Why is this locked?


It’s ranked, you’re supposed to try …


Yeah Gears is really sweaty now lol

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Arcade seems low level tbh.

You must be rusty.

I am…but damn. I must Be REALLY rusty lol. I seem to keep getting paired against high levels though so that’s prob the reason.

Your not bad, just theres more good players around.
Sweaty games are the better games in my opinion.
Adapt and over come ^.^

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You’ll be fine. What @Claw_i_Pixelz more or less said, practice makes perfect.

Why are they playing so hard in a tech test match? That’s hilarious. :joy:Do stats carry over to the final gears 5?

Doing MUCH better now after 2 hours of play. Still very sweaty tho. I dunno how that’s gonna fare well for casual players.

I mean I’m literally hearing people calling out stuff every game. Bit of cursing and general frustration. Lol it’s crazy.

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I find I’m coming up against very good players very quick.

You need comms and team work.

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No. They don’t. But people are playing like it’s gears mlg 10,000 dollar prize on the line.


I agree with EnVii. Communication is key, there’s no team if everyone’s a lone wolf trying to seek individual glory and ending up walking into various impossible situations against an strategically organised enemy squad.


That’s not my point. The point is it’s a tech test. Everyone is sweating in a tech test.

When ranks are involved, of course.

Also, why wouldn’t you want the Match MVP.

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That’s how gears has always been. Are you seriously whining about being bad at a game? They created a mode for you. It’s called arcade.

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That was sweaty of you! Lol

There you are! I’ve been searching everywhere for you.

I think the point is that some people like to do as well as they can regardless how much meaning a game has and to me thats seems OK.
Iff someone wants not try too much then they can play in arcade/ social but if someone wants to don a mic and call positions in ranked then that should be ok too imo.

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they bait us into the two lamest game modes no one cares about koth and e sports. making us use the rifles in that fake arcade mode trying to get us to play more like an esports players. no thanks coalition.

I wonder if that dude will also lock this post. seems a bit harsh shutting up the player base like that.

EDIT- Locked just as i suspected. Weird how we cant speak our minds. Deff reported this behavior to OCTUS.

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