Tech Test Install button greyed out despite owning game pass ultimate

When I search Gears 5 Tech test on the store, the install button is greyed out, and I am unable to install it, it says I don’t own the game pass ultimate. However If I go to the microsoft store within google chrome and search the tech test the install button is working fine, however upon clicking it it then takes me back to the Microsft store app where the button is greyed out and I am back to square one.

Anyone else ? Any ideas how to fix it ? Cheers!

Yeah, Search Bar and you’ll find the answer

Did you try power cycling your console? Like do a full shutdown from the settings menu?

PC or Xbox?

Right Ignore me all. I was an invalid and had previously thought I had the latest version of Windows downloaded , but I was in fact wrong. Installed it and its now working fine.

If anyone has the same problem. Do yourself a favour and check you windows and don’t be dumb like me :slight_smile:

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Closing as we have a thread for this already