Tech Test Fail is a huge fail!

Why launch a tech test to the general public when it’s not even 50% functional (long wait times, unable to join matches, games freezing…etc). Was this a pre sales tactic?

In this day and age of advanced gaming you better have your $hit together and launch things to the public that will get them excited. If it’s a capacity issue, then limit the accessibility, if it’s a functional issue, then make changes to the dev teams to get it right. You obviously do not have the appropriate teams in place to make this launch and build something good for the public.

Shame on you for this huge fail!!


Its a Test. so things like this dont happen on launch. Just saying


I agree. I wouldn’t mind as much if they didn’t advertise it and kept it relatively closed and lowkey but they offered the tech test to every game pass member, got the word out and it doesn’t even work. I got a few beers in - ready to play for the night only for it to crash and told I have to wait 2h28m for over an hour.


The principals and mechanics of the game are not new. Again releasing something that is less than 50% functional is unacceptable.

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Its a beta its gonna have problems. People are acting like they released the full version of the game

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Just need to have some patience… It is what it is, and if you went into it thinking that it was going to be a final release of the game… Well… I guess that would be on you… It’s meant to find the issues, and to stress the servers so in a month and half when the game launches everyone hops right in and plays… They will get it all sorted, just takes time…


They couldn’t even get a live challenge to work properly is it really a suprise

I can’t even download the tech test on xbox just says corrupt