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Tech Test Definitive review


The tech test was super fun. There were a few things that, after a while, I started to question.

For example, why isn’t escalation intuitive? It’s just so complex. Even after a few games playing solo, I couldn’t figure it out. I promise I’m not dumb, I just don’t get it. Weapon placements and stuff. Part of the reason escalation was fun before is because you had to stay on top of everything mentally. Now you just give away weapon respawn timers :stopwatch: that’s a no no for me.

But the real issue I have is no damage boost with gnashes. You already took 2 shells :shell: out the chamber. Ok :+1:t4: I understand. But remove active reload damage boost? What? Why? It’s just such an integral part of Gears. You could have reduced the boost but remove it entirely? Oh my…

3rdly the smokes. Boy :boy: did I find myself yearning for ol’ Gears :gear: of War smokes. Why in the world does the smoke explode upon impact? When has a grenade ever exploded on impact in Gears? The flash bang needs a boost, by the time you get your gnasher out, the enemy is unstunned. The flash bang doesn’t do squat. And the radius is pitiful! Oh man :man: the grenades need to be worked on a bit…also there’s no reason front spawns should have their smokes taken away. No reason at all. I had more fun in escalation 1.0.

But good luck guys, keep at it. Guess everybody has their gripes.

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