Tech Test Bloodspray

Are we supposed to get this in the Tech Test or just when 5 comes out? Cuz so far I haven’t unlocked it and I have been playing at the right times.

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It seems like we’d get it when game comes out.

Seems like it would instantly unlock.

Has not as of yet.

Yeah I have played 2 matches so far in the allotted time frame, would of thought it would of popped up a little “challenge complete” or something…


Fair enough, I can go to sleep now then haha

“Reminder: there is no in-game confirmation for the Wreath Bloodspray and it will not appear in your Tech Test inventory.”
TC twitter


Such a weak answer

We should just trust TC because they never mess rewards up, right?

Been nice to have actually used it. You know, as a reward for playing during a certain hour.

We are puppets…


I’m hoping it does actually get awarded correctly otherwise guess who will be dealing all the angry threads :wink:




Just kidding. Both of you have your hands full.

I plan on leading the thread starter count on this one though.

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I didn’t undertand your answer, but TC used to do that on the first e-sport’s streams, so why don’t trust in them again?

Yes they did.

It’s just in many cases it has been messed up.

I personally had to go on Discord to get a skin that was never entitled to my account.

It happens.

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It will be available at the launch of Gears 5.

I hope everyone knows the time frame to obtain the Tech Test Bloodspray was based on PDT. Meaning if you played it on your regular time frame, you might have missed it.


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This ain’t looking to good they will probably forget more than half the people who earned it. Also their first twitter post was completely incorrect saying it started on the 25th on a friday at 530pt to 630pt.

You vs angry threads in a month in a half lol

Myself & @Retrodeadmetal knocked out a few matches during the time frame. He got MVP in the last match we played. I got third. Swarm Grenadier finished second but we’re not going to talk about that :rofl:

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Seriously we had an hour to get the spray on a weekday? You couldn’t have had it on the weekend when the majority of people are off work or at least held a second time to earn on Saturday or Sunday? Really wish TC had planned this better for the Gears community that would have liked a chance to get it but couldn’t being a weekday.

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