Teammates in ranked

Is it only me or does the random teammates gears 5 multiplayer gives us are all bad? Because I was set back from onyx 2 to onyx 1. All because my teammates dropped 0-12 etc.

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This happened to me last night… At the time of this recording, I was Diamond 2 in Guardian… And this was my random lol.

Somebody actually pointed out to me something interesting. If you ever look at the details section at the end of the match, I find that USUALLY no one team is heavily favored to win over the other. I used to believe my randoms were exactly that. 100% random… but that can’t exactly be the case if my team always seems relatively close to the enemy team as far as points are concerned… So with that said, I think if you queue with say, 3 friends and all of you are high rank… It may potentially throw someone on your team with close to nothing, and then pair you against 5 others who may be lesser in skill, but also have that skill evenly dispersed whereas you have 4 high ranks, and a total brick…

If this is the case, I really want them to change that.I don’t think that’s a good solution, at all, and yea, I shouldn’t be finding dudes that don’t know a set frag limit when I’m diamond 2 >.>

Especially in a kill based mode where that bad player can eat your lives up.

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I’m in masters rank for TDM and I still get people every match that dont know how to play. I lost like 8 times in a row and now I am barely hanging on to my rank.

There is a problem with simply being able to get on and play this game. Matchmaking, balance, quitters, etc. This game is an absolute headache.

If they aren’t going to properly sort this out then just do away with it all.

There are currently a lot of barriers in your way, yea.

Can’t play with a full squad unless you want to wait 20 minutes.
Go in a few teammates light and get players like above.

Seems like a lose / lose and I’d 100% play ranked more if one of these two options didn’t result in less than desirable outcomes.

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That’s what I’m saying, man.

Makes me not even want to get on and play.

The simple becomes so difficult.

That’s why I rarely play the game.

I played with one friend yesterday and we lost because we had a teammate who went AFK for 2 minutes every minute or so. We almost won even though we were short handed but it was a tiny bit too much to handle.

I want to play with my friends but doing so results in 30+ minute wait times. I’m not interested in that.

The people on here crack me up. Skill points aren’t necessarily awarded for winning. You don’t have to lose points for losing. Stay alive. Kill with multiple weapons. Mark and suppress. Do other things than holding “a” and running in a straight line to shoot your gnasher once or twice before dying. Best way to advance in tier ranks is not dying. Having 20-30 eliminations ,which aren’t kills to all you idiots out there, is great but when you have 10+ deaths you will always lose points whether you win or not.

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