Teammate unloaded clip into me

Normal TDM game, match starts and a guy on my team shoots past me. I shrugged it off and started playing. I was doing alright, not great but not the worst on our team, minding my manners, and then that same guy and I respawn at the same time and he just unloads a lancer clip into me. Did it again at the start of the next round.

What was that about?


the game must be suffering the " CASPER SYNDROME " in which you respawn somewhere and then another player spooks out from a near place and kills you .

most definetely TC’S DEVS should look at this matter.

Lol. For once this isn’t TC. I’ve gotten spooked plenty, but that’s not this. In other games I get that you’ve got people who TK for fun or cuz they’re pissed or whatever, but without friendly fire, shooting your team just doesn’t have any weight.

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This gets my vote for most worthless thread.

Did you message the guy and ask him?


I wouldnt say its worthless… I mean he’s sharing his concerns with his friends here. sounds about right.

I agree man , such player was not friendly at all… I don’t see any point either to shoot someone from my team in any way.

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You probably stole his quad for his sick montage.

He spent most of the game hiding in the back, not even lancering/sniping

Happened to me in a quickplay KOTH Match. For the first half of the round it was free for all and I could kill everyone, and get points for it. The second half of the match it fixed itself and put me on the team’s score and wouldn’t let me kill my team - I thought the whole lobby was free for all initially but no one could kill me. Definitely a bug.

Didn’t think to. Will next time if it happens again

I doubt he needed a reason to act like that.

Did you die allot? He might wanted you to chill back… TDM and all

That’s what I thought cuz I know I can get reckless on KOTH and I’m working on that. But I checked the scoreboard next time it popped up and I was dying less than a couple others and getting a few more kills than them too, positive k/d, so…? Also wouldn’t explain shooting me before we even started the game.

Edit: maybe he just hates wardens :man_shrugging:t2:

Maybe the other guy didn’t know what team he was in

I dunno, he at least take you to dinner first?