Teamkillers on Icebound

So is there anything TC can do about teamkillers on Icebound? By that I mean the a-holes who camp up on the balconies and shoot out the ice from under allies’ feet, or purposely shoot out the ice surrounding a weapon or capture point. Did they not think this would happen?

Yeah it’s bad but what can be done. It’s kind of made that map bad for versus

Those balconies alone made that map bad for VS. Add the OP lancers. The map becomes a borefest.

As for the original post. I’ve not encountered that behaviour at all. Surprisingly. Although, I’ll bare it in mind for when someone on my team is being an ■■■. Haha.

I saw this behaviour the first time I played that map. I played KOTH on it also and literally no one captures the ring which is overlooked by the balconies. Its a pure lancer fest no one dares step in the ring