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Team Selection in KOTH

(Assassinadar) #1

I would like to know how teams are selected in KOTH? What goes into team selection? If i live in Maine about an hour from the Canadian Border why is everyone on my team from south of Texas. This is supposed to be a game where you communicate. What is the point if there are multiple languages . There was a post earlier where someone said what is the use of ranking in KOTH. Fix it so that teammates can talk to one another in the same language. it has been 2 years now and this game is getting very frustrating

(ll R E D l) #2

This game is aging like a FINE milk. The population just isnt there

(Omen LP) #3

Player population…

Teams are chosen on the basis of who is looking to play the mode you are looking to play, at the time when you are looking to play, taking into account the teams’ average rank, trying to keep those as close as possible… That’s all…

I am NORTH of the Canadian border, play with other people north of the border, and we almost always end of on the south most server, playing against people with Mexican flags… Apparently there is no one else, in all of Canada and US, who wants to play what we want to play, who isn’t a Diamond…

(mike yaworski) #4

The vast majority of Gears players are Latin American so yeah you’re going to have to learn Spanish if you want to comm with teammates. Good luck

(Assassinadar) #5

add me to your FL so we can play

(Omen LP) #6


Just msg me on xbox live, we’ll do that. :slight_smile: