Team rock skins in store tc please

Would love to see my favorite skins return


Won’t happen not with the exclusivity meaning so much to people. Team ice looks better anyway

Why didn’t you get them in Op 1 when they were your favorite skins? Not playing then? No time? Stopped playing because the game was a mess?

And so far TC has no intentions to bring General rewards to the store.

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Not enough content not enough good game play no chapters etc.

Makes sense, but still, unfortunately for you there currently are no plans to bring General rewards back.

Thanks for not being toxic​:black_heart::pray:

Ofc we love non toxic people around here.The gears community needs to become better. I hate toxic people. The kids who threaten to 1v1 others when they are angry are the absoulte worst… Couldnt be you Demure right?

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Usually the first ones to cuss & not reason.

I mean lets just ignore how you treated @GB6_Kazuya in the other form post but ya know its whatever. OH its funny how you deleated any sort of evidence of it too.

I don’t delete anything , show me

Me & @GB6_Kazuya agree on a lot of stuff

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I cant lul. Cant show things that are deleted. All I know is that I know that this was not your first post, and yet only this post is linked to your account


Ask the man himself

Me & him agree on a lot of the same stuff, never had a bad encounter with the guy

& I don’t delete stuff

Everyone knows I’m very vocal, sorry if that offends some


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OH wait im so sorry i got you mixed up my apologies
Ignore all these comments I was a â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  and didnt read who actually replied my apologies once again

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All good…

I try to not piss off the veterans…

I know the unspoken chain of command here…

Some people you don’t fu** with…

Like @GB6_Kazuya

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He doesnt scare me though. IM still waiting for that rematch of that 1v1…

Again my sincerist apologies.

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Too bad those are locked till reup 40 :roll_eyes:

God save us


No way I had to play 7 hours every god damn day for a month to get those skins, those were way harder than the black phantom because even if you finished all the challenges of the first ToD they were still like 100 stars missing that you had to get from daily challenges and there were only 3 per day back then

Honestly, if people refuse to rest until previously grindy exclusives get unlocked in the store so the masses can have them for a paltry amount of coins then I will take one for the team. I hereby sacrifice Team rock, Blood Speaker, Ronin Kantus, UIR Cosmo if that means keeping the RtG5 promise. I mean, at least I didn’t come into Gears 5 with any expectation of those tour items remaining exclusive forever as I did with the RtG5 stuff, so it wouldn’t be a huge blow to me. Actually I was more upset when they unlocked the grindy medal stuff as those were much harder to earn, but then I got over that pretty quick. Don’t think I would have ever gotten over RtG5 though just due to clear memories of being told by TC themselves in Twitter and on streams that wouldn’t happen.