Team rock skins in store please and more new things


add more new things in horde like these

add these flag please image

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Team Rock is a trophy and will not return.


Be ready for a bunch of people gatekeeping content

Weep harder. It’s well deserved. Not happening. You don’t make General you don’t get General unlocks. Outta TC’s mouths.

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I think during the first two tours I kept stopping before general because the grind just wasn’t worth it tbh. I generally don’t care for team rock skins or Desert Kait. Considering team ice is a thing and the others a weak campaign skin.

No… I’m down for anything besides the General reward to be available to earn/buy
General should be exclusive to that tour.
I got team Rock from tour one missed the tour 2 and 3 rewards and I should never be able to get the General items because I missed out

The flag is confusing me

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Ohhhhhh thank you

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Actually,i didn’t got some tour rank banners in previous operation,especially i reached to general rank in op2,but some rank banners didn’t unlocked.These items like general items,they’re not on sale in The store directly.I hope That it can make something like previous operation paid battle pass in The store. May be it can unlock by other means in The future,So who knows.

It’s been like that since Op2, I don’t think they are ever going to give it out. They will probably hide it next operation or something like that.

Might as well since they’re selling the hot rod skins that I paid for.

Just sell the rock skins, don’t see the point in spreading the wealth now.

I just want chrome RAAM

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