Team quit rank exception

I think if you lose a ranked game due to a quitter you shouldn’t lose your buy in cost as its kinda unfair, or at least half of is refunded or something.


They should give you the quitters GP that they earned and split it between the remaining players.

People who stay and not puss out receive GP. Quitters receive nothing.


Yeh that would work haha

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I think you should gain back the pay in. If someone quits or even gets disconnected, it effects the chances of winning. If you win, it’s a extra bonus for winning while not a full team.

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Damn straight

The problem with refunding the buy-in cost would be that you’d likely get more GP for the match if your team mate quit than you’d normally get. Especially at higher levels. This could be easily exploited.
I’d say that simply give the rest of the team the option to quit without being penalized in any way. No bans, no buy-in but also no GP gain if you decide to quit to prevent people from exploiting it. If you are going positive with the match GP anyway then you’d naturally want to stay and finish.
However, if your party member was the first to quit the match you wouldn’t get to leave without penalty. Obviously because people would exploit this (like, the match is not going your way and your team is sure to lose so one of you agrees to take the hit to make sure nobody else gets a penalty).


Yeh that’s a fair point actually,