Team Players in Horde?

I love playing Horde. Been playing for a while Since Gears 3. It’s my favorite mode.

Just a reminder though. So many players seem to think that the object of the mode is to get more kills than everyone else. That couldn’t be more wrong. It’s a team thing. Sometimes you need to let a few kills go to another player to do what’s best for the team’s survival. Revive Revive Revive!! Many times I find myself running around trying to keep selfish players alive that don’t return the favor when I’m down because they might miss out on a few kills. That’s just not cool.

Also… engineers should be building defense. Played a match last night to wave 18 or 19 or whatever and nobody built anything.Plenty to spend… just no attempt to build.

Lastly… if you’re one of those people that quit during the load of the first wave… STOP!!!

If you signed up to play than at least stick around for 10 waves. Don’t play unsmart than rage quit when nobody can get to you for a revive.


It usually takes several waves for the engineer to bank enough power to do anything now that nobody deposits. You don’t usually need much more than a few barriers for the first half anyway.
Public horde is a nightmare sometimes.
Find some friends and play private.

If you are in a game with selfish players, you already have a bad game, as for the Engineer not building, do not blame the Engineer, blame The Coalition. Again they got the class system wrong. Engineers build and repair, it is the only job, which is made worse by no one dumping Energy. The Scout is almost redundant in Gears 5 Horde, a character/class (Engineer too) disrespected.
And, you say there was enough Energy to build, again, your game was a bad one with selfish players.
As for leaving the game, better for them to leave early than late, gives the Impression you can actually make 50 waves.

By selfish players. Do you mean.
When I start a game and stick to a corner and kill whatever comes. Whether it’s 1 drone or 10. Then said selfish player comes to my corner and steals my kills. Then goes back to where he came from. Usually out the front and goes down. So people risk going dbno to revive then. Only for them to ignore you when your down.
Then yeah I’m sick to the back teeth of them team players