Team Phantom Skins?

Didn’t they say it would drop today? I still don’t have my boomshot and dropshot.

They said it would be after the update. With TC, that could mean anything.

Found this. Might help.

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Torque bow and embar are going to be up for grabs today and tomorrow

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But who knows when we’ll actually receive them😆

Has anybody received theirs yet? I got the Dropshot but not the Boomshot.:pensive:


Haven’t received my Boomshot yet.

I got my boomshot like an hour ago👍

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Was it just me or was there no quest tab for yesterday’s stream?

I didn’t see any.

I received both the Dropsho and Boomshot last night - so a little over 12 hours ago?

You don’t know yet? @ooMANDALORIANoo

Got the Boom and Dropshot yesterday and I’m glad they don’t look especially good. Don’t have to bother with the stupid new system.

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Yeah I read that when it came out and have come to the conclusion that I’m not all that bright. I don’t like change and when I didn’t see a rewards tab I thought this was part of the change. If I’m gonna have to actively watch forget it.

I would let the stream go on my phone and check back every once in a while when the “submit entry” would pop up, to claim the skin. Now this seems to me to be too much of a bother to do. Not a big deal really though.

Thanks for the info. Appreciate it.

Don’t worry, pretty much everyone seems to be confused on how this system works exactly and in good ol TC traditions it’s not working as it should.

But I gave up on the streams as well. Too much of a hassle for mediocre skins I probably wouldn’t even use.


Thanks for that link. I was a bit confused with things because I completed the checkin quests on Tuesday, but there never was a quest tab for yesterday’s stream. Currently at 1,800 points, so am on pace.

Knew the Boomshot and Dropshot from last week needed to wait for the Op 6 update, and I got those last night. First Drop, then Boom a couple hours later. Wasn’t sure what was holding up the Torque and Ember from this week, though it looks like they’ll be applied next week.

I’m still stuck at 100 points tf.

Did you watch on Tuesday? I noticed each of the 4 checkin quests on Tuesday were worth 100 points, but didn’t pay attention to the point counter as time passed.

Yeah I did all of them.