Team Metal weapon skin

I love that they brought back the Team Metal skins, but they look more orange than red on the swarm/locust side. I would like them to look more red. What do you guys think?

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You are correct… The swarm version looks orange & the cog version is baby blue. I still love them, but I definitely would not mind some MINOR color correction

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I’m fine with how they look on COG. A little darker would be nice, but the current lighter blue still looks good. I just want red instead of orange on swarm.

The team metal torque bow looks dope on the back of chrome steel Myrrah. I find myself always checking it out. So I say leave it Orange.

They should be less bright. I mean, damn those things sting in your eyes after some time. How can people stand it?

I thought the point of it was for it to be luminous? :confused: But without being partially translucent, like the Kryll & zero hour sets.

The colored pieces against the black pieces really make the guns pop. As well, in darker rooms in escape, your guns & the little lights on your suit glow together. It’s really quite stunning. :blush:

i just want the team rock skins back lmao but yea the swarm looks a lil orange. team plasma would be cool to.