Team killing horde glitch using Jack

Jack has become so much more fun to play as since the locust were added, but I guess something kind of important was overlooked. It is possible to kill your team mates as Jack if you use mind control on a cyclops then start a chainsaw battle with them. This does not work unless they consent to the chainsaw battle. I have made a video of this odd occurrence because I would never believe someone if they told me this happened:

I am unable to submit a bug report for some reason so this is the best I can do.

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Nope it’s not a bug. Don’t care. That’s what players get for trying to execute my hijacked enemy lol.

The only way this works is if your teammates activate their chainsaw and not the other way around.

Personally this is a must-have for a hijack enemy because too many times I have been executed by a teammate long before I can help with the defense and a teammate should be punished for wasting my ULT lol.

TC do not, under any circumstances, remove this ability. You have taken ammo crates from us, at least leave us with this.


Well at least both teammates have to consent so people can’t go around as a murderous Jack.


But TC LOVES “fixing” unimportant stuff.


They nerf our classes and we still play! They take away abilities and we still play! Not again! The line must be drawn here, this far and no further.

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Delete this before someone from TC stops seeing the eSports and sees it.

As already stated, the only way to “chainsaw” people is if they accept the duel / if they start chainsawing as well, which is what they deserve for trying to kill your Hijacked target.

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Well if the other player needs to rev his chainsaw too, I don’t see a problem.
Except for the players that like to chainsaw the Hijacks out of Jacks grasp…

Looks like a feature to me.


You’re the man!

YES! … YES! … We love you Michael!

Seriously though this feature is a lot of fun to have in the game, so please please please don’t remove it.

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Please don’t fix this bug, I love it. Keep it please.

I love you.

Ssssshhhhh it’s not a bug … It’s a feature.


You need to be made head of all decision making at TC.



Like already mentioned this is what fools get for Chainsawing Jack :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

btw this is not new at all… cough Claw Drones…

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