Team Ice and Team Rock no longer with the "Gears 5 " logo

Just in case you guys missed,
And I must say, they look a loooooooooooot better
Probably best in game at this point.


Ahh much better.

I’m so glad that they kept the omen on it.

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This is a radical improvement.


This is the best trade deals in the history of trade deals

but we still dont know how to get TEAM ICE yet right other than sometime this october for an event possibly or something?



Oh thank Christ. Thank sweet baby Christ. Such gorgeous skins ruined by such an oddly placed logo, I’m glad they redid it.

Why did it get changed?

Probably because people complained it looked tacky having in game advertising on a gun for a game in which you were already playing. Ironically nobody has said boo about it on the new Halloween themed weapon skins they just released in the store. Idk why they wouldn’t just stick to souly using the crimson omen instead of writing gears 5 in the first place personally but in fairness it should really have been a non-issue. I think people sometimes like to complain just to complain.

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People complained about it to Octus. He acknowledged the complaints on twitter, and said going forward, their skins wouldn’t feature Gears branding on them much, if at all.

Frankly, I also wish they’d stop plasting the Omen on everything too, but at least that’s actual artwork.

I just thought it looked awesome. The contrast was very appealing and I liked the way it felt to represent the new game. I worked so hard for them and it just would have been appreciated to have the choice. I had already earned them after all. I personally think the font and contrast in color of the red 5 within the logo looks sexy and eye catching.

It’s similar to having “Pro Circuit” on the one set from Gears 4. I’ve always loved the omen and how I can recognize it anywhere. I even have it as a decal on my car and get a wave every now and then from other fans mouthing “Gears”!

I just wanted to know what happened is all. So thank you for the info. :slight_smile:

Yeah, people do like to complain. It is cool to know they respond to input. It is very weird that it was an issue in the first place.

Maybe they would put the logo on for all the shares of screen shots or posted video clips and that way it stands out, but that’s just speculation.

This is fine and all but I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t actually care about the Gears 5 logo being on the skin. I guess it’s just aesthetic preference but it never bugged me.

That actually would make quiet alot of sense for exposure over streams. Never thought about it from that perspective. +10 points for thinking outside the box girl LoL. And I agree I didn’t mind the overall look of it written on the side I thought it looked pretty sleek just didn’t really understand why they would necessarily do it. I still think it’s funny though that nobody has complained about it on the Halloween skin.

Honestly, the only overt branding I want on skins in Gears, is hilarious other corporate branding. Like I’d play with some glowing red gnasher with the yellow McDonalds arches on it in a heartbeat (if it was free, of course - I’m not paying for corporate branding).

Or what about a boomshot that said “Mentos! The freshmaker!” every time you downed someone?

Give me a call TC. I’ve got lots of great ideas like this.

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