Team Glow Weapon Skins (Tracking thread)

bump again

Hammerburst’s up on tonight’s Fight Night :wink:


Skin is now claimable!!

Didn’t someone mention a Twitter account that announces when a weapon skin is available to claim instead of having to wait and watch the live stream?

Bump - Fight Night stream tomorrow
at 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET / 11 PM BT

Snub up for grabs tonight.

Shouldn’t be too long to wait now.

Snub is up

Got the snub. Only care about gnasher and lancer now.

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snipe and embar probably look sick also.

Gnasher and lancer may be up for grabs between the 1st and 3rd via live stream

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Thx for the heads-up. :+1:

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Which one did I miss yesterday?

Repair Tool skin was given out yesterday during Fight night



So it’s ok, I never use it as engineer

I expect no less, that’s the Heavy’s job.

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So, it doesn’t look like these are up today. Any guesses when they might become available? I’m not a consistent stream watcher so I don’t know when to) for these.

Gnasher is tomorrow, Lancer is Sunday.

Wouldn’t surprise me if they left them until last each day, though hopefully Sunday doesn’t go too long and run into people’s plans for the Super Bowl.

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Awesome. Thx so much. I really want to finish my load outs for these and I’ve gotten bored of all my skins.

They finally made a repair tool skin?

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