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Team Glow Weapon Skins (Tracking thread)

(Gigant0pithecus) #69

Sorry bad joke, there was no skin that mendigo2005 missed as there was no stream ahead of the Mexico City Open so I said a repair tool skin was given.

(Gigant0pithecus) #70

I watched the Columbus Charity event and the Mexico City Open now to collect skins. I feel for those overseas who have to stay up all night to even get these, I only have to wake up at 8am on a weekend to claim the skins but I just wanted to say how horrible this system is. The streams have so many issues, mics not working half the time, teams getting confused and put in reverse on the screen, long boring matches one after another that very few people care about, rewards not loading, quest progress not updating, and it isn’t as if yo might get hit by one or two of these things. You’re likely to encounter 3 to 5 of these issues all at the same time making for a really ■■■■ experience and yet I force myself to leave it on just to snag those skins. Such a poor implementation, hopefully next game they wise up and stop forcefeeding crappy streams to us over 10 hours for a chance at some cool skins.

(Belkain) #71

On top of all those issues you mentioned, skins used to be available for no more than 15-20 minutes, watched the stream for 3 hours but took too long in the bathroom? Sorry you missed the skin.

It used to be a lot worse before, they’re getting better at it but they still need to improve (check the mics before the event for christ sake!!!).

(Potato Boy 025) #72

The quality of those streams aren’t usually that bad. This one in particular was bad though…It felt like the camera operator was confused half the time and the audio quality fluctuated. At one point in the stream one of the casters mic stopped working for like 3 or 5mins.

This is all just the technical aspect of the stream though…Far as the gaming itself, I can see why people dislike this system. It’s inconvenient and forceful for people who don’t care about escalation or esports. Overall just embarrassing that it’s the only way to have people actually watch your stream.

But 2 things you have to take into consideration is
a) They’re giving out free skins as long as you do the following (which is optional)
b) They’re just trying to get more people interested in the scene that is esports even if it isn’t the greatest way of going about it…


I slightly found myself invested into the streams ever since I realized Optic literally never loses. That’s interesting that a team can keep such composure for so long.

(mendigo2005) #73

Embar today


(apathetically applauds)

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Where you hiding in that gym?

(I know you watch that ■■■■ too.)

(GB6 Kazuya) #78

Not today :joy:

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(Potato Boy 025) #80

Embar is up for grabs - reqs a fake retweet

(xXBadCrozzXx) #81

i watch the stream tonight clicked the embar but iv not resived it can anyone help?

(Potato Boy 025) #82

None of us here can really do anything for you. My suggestion would be try and reach out to one of the Devs on this forum or twitter and see if they can investigate your situation. You did have to click the retweet button to get the “claim Embar” option though

Anyways, goodluck and godspeed.

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I can’t tell if this is actually my favorite skin set or if I just think that because it’s the only one I haven’t yet missed a weapon of and I’m trying to stay on track to completing it.

(mendigo2005) #85

@GB6_Kazuya yay!

(Potato Boy 025) #86

Boltok is up for grabs

(GB6 Kazuya) #87

Damn, I never knew it was on. Awell, not to worry I’ve plenty of other glorious Boltok skins.

(mendigo2005) #88

I tried to warn you