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Team Glow Weapon Skins (Tracking thread)

(GB6 Kazuya) #76

(mendigo2005) #77

Where you hiding in that gym?

(I know you watch that ■■■■ too.)

(GB6 Kazuya) #78

Not today :joy:

(mendigo2005) #79


(Potato Boy 025) #80

Embar is up for grabs - reqs a fake retweet

(xXBadCrozzXx) #81

i watch the stream tonight clicked the embar but iv not resived it can anyone help?

(Potato Boy 025) #82

None of us here can really do anything for you. My suggestion would be try and reach out to one of the Devs on this forum or twitter and see if they can investigate your situation. You did have to click the retweet button to get the “claim Embar” option though

Anyways, goodluck and godspeed.

(mendigo2005) #83

(Gigant0pithecus) #84

I can’t tell if this is actually my favorite skin set or if I just think that because it’s the only one I haven’t yet missed a weapon of and I’m trying to stay on track to completing it.

(mendigo2005) #85

@GB6_Kazuya yay!

(Potato Boy 025) #86

Boltok is up for grabs

(GB6 Kazuya) #87

Damn, I never knew it was on. Awell, not to worry I’ve plenty of other glorious Boltok skins.

(mendigo2005) #88

I tried to warn you


Retro is up.

(Potato Boy 025) #90

Longshot is up for grabs

(Fatalist Flames) #91

Forgot about the Longshot this week, oh well, not a huge loss.

(Gigant0pithecus) #92

Team Glow Markza is up for grabs,

(Potato Boy 025) #93

thanks for the info
I’ve missed a few weapons
Updating thread now

(DeathScythe M01) #94

Missed the Markza, cuz the webpage doesn’t show up. Was always reloading and for that reason I can’t reclaim it.

(Gigant0pithecus) #95

What webpage, the Mixer stream?