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Team Glow Weapon Skins (Tracking thread)

(Potato Boy 025) #1

I Remember seeing someone else make a thread like this for the “Team Animal” weapon skins, Personally I found the idea of the thread pretty helpful even though I managed to collect them with just tuning in. Since Team Glow seems to be a new weapon series, I’ll update this thread everytime one of them is released.

Team Glow hand out times (so far)
- Lancer (GPC Mexico City Day 3 - 2/3/19)
- Gnasher (GPC Mexico City Day 2 - 2/2/19)
- Snub (Fight Night 4 - 1/23/19)
- Hammerburst (Fight Night 3 - 1/16/19)
- Enforcer (Fight Night 13 - 4/3/19)
- Boltok (Fight Night 6 - 2/20/19)
- Markza (Fight Night 9 - 3/13/19)
- Retro (Fight Night 7 - 2/27/19)
- Overkill (Fight Night 11 - 3/27/19)
- Boom (FIght Night 1 - 12/19/18)
- Drop (Fight Night 10 - 3/20/19)
- Embar (Fight Night 5 - 2/13/19)
- Longshot (Fight Night 8 - 3/6/19)
- Torque (Fight Night 2 - 1/9/19)

This is just so people know what has and hasn’t come out yet for this new weapon skin series. It’ll likely all get released during Mexico tournament in Feb.

(Azizz V) #2

Boomshot was released though

(Potato Boy 025) #3

Wasn’t this the first fight night? Regardless, Do you have the stream and date?

(Azizz V) #4

Yes it was, And I am not mistaken I think it’s was on December 20th

(Potato Boy 025) #5

Thanks for the information! Big bummer I missed the boom, I enjoy collecting full sets from esports.

(Azizz V) #6

No problem :smile: I enjoy collecting them too and I missed the torque bow sadly

(mendigo2005) #7


(Embry Starred) #8

Def tracking this thread

(Azizz V) #9

Here’s an image of the boomshot

(mendigo2005) #10


Seems nice.

(Azizz V) #11

Yes it’s dynamic :smile: Nice indeed trust me

(Belkain) #12

Yep, they’re animated and look quite nice. It follows the new “avoid confusions” policy so blue for cog and orange for locust.

(mendigo2005) #13

Now you all made me regret losing Torque and Boom…

(Potato Boy 025) #14

Yeah i’m actually pretty tilt I missed boom
hate not having full set

(UltraMagnetic96) #15

I wish they would release the original phantom skins again since I’m missing 5 of them, but these team glow skins are looking pretty good.

(Tei Tenga) #16

That would’ve been me…

The Boomshot and Emblem were released on Wed. Dec. 19th
The Boomshot required 1 RETWEET of an accompanying on screen tweet, while the Emblem was a DIRECT CLAIM.


(Gigant0pithecus) #17

By Dynamic you guys mean Animated?

It looks like the gun is a gunmetal color although that may be due to a reflection, and the blue part looks like the Team Animal skins only it pulsates and has a brighter Blue.

(Potato Boy 025) #18

What kind of stream was it? Only thing that comes to mind is All Access and Dev Stream because Blaze said that last Fight Night was the very first one.

(Tei Tenga) #19

It was a Fight Night… Optic lost to the Contenders.
Blaze was referring to last nights Fight Night as the first of the new year…

(Potato Boy 025) #20

Thanks! this clears up alot although it does not change my feelings for missing the freaking boom.

I’ve changed OP alittle so now everything should be right.