Team Deathmatch should be quickplay only

I just feel it’s a casual game mode. Lots of casuals play it & they are usually on my team. Not fighting for power weapons & wasting spawns.

I feel if it is removed from ranked other game modes can shine such as gridiron & execution.


If you feel so, why don t u play it on social then instead of moving the whole game type from ranked?


Gridiron had its chance to shine. It failed.

As for TDM, I’m not a fan of the squad limitations but it should never be removed from Ranked.


I play both… and social becomes ranked because after 1 kill feed I’m getting team crossed and humped.

No thanks.


I disagree. Ranked is the only way I can get a somewhat reliable game for tdm now. The reduction to 4v4 has had the unintended side effect in quick play to having many matches start as 3v3, and populating matches with more players seems to be a challenge.

It’s a disappointment to go to ranked and see only KOTH, 2v2 gnashers and free for all as my other options. If I want to play a reliable match to match experience that isn’t KOTH (a game mode I personally dislike but I recognize is popular) then my only choice is to play TDM which unfortunately has a 2 person limit on it.

Let’s also take into account that if we were to subvert the reduction to squad size and go to quick play anything… the opposing team would simply quit upon seeing a 4 man team amongst their randoms.

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You say its more casual but I’ve attempted to obtain Diamond in it since GoW4 multiple Seasons and GoW5 for 2 seasons. I Honestly gave up on ranked after believing I was just not cut out to be in that placement. But for Op5 I tried FFA ranked for the first time…BOY TALK ABOUT CASUAL PLAYLIST. Literally just wait for people to fight and steal kills lmao. I Got Diamond in this playlist in roughly 2 days.

I know its not Masters or anything but if a casual like me can get that far on it and only make it to Onyx 2 in TDM
feels like there is a line of skill somewhere.


I was positive this post was from launch period of something…

how does removing TDM from Ranked effect two modes that have been removed from any sort of matchmaking?

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I just felt tdm killed execution and the single life game modes.

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I’m not sure removing TDM would have fixed that. players would have just left altogether. This exact situation is what’s happening with my group.

TC removed TDM/Gridiron/5stacks in order to funnel us into KOTH but it’s doing the opposite, it’s driving us away from the game entirely.


Seeing as neither of those modes are in ranked I seriously doubt that.

I don’t get the snobbery about TDM. It’s popular, Clearly people like it and it’s just as competitive as anything else. The objective is simple but it’s an objective none the less.

If people actually played Execution or Gridiron they wouldn’t have been removed. I’m genuinely sorry that your favourite modes have died off but you can’t force other people to play what you like at the ending of the day.

Look, I like gridiron, but right now, it’s nothing more than Warzone with a basically useless one flag component that most people I played with seems to not want to go for. I’d love to see it be changed to make scoring touchdowns more meaningful. Maybe then people will be more interested in playing it.

Execution definitely needs to come back in rotation though.

i think it should return to 5v5 with full stacks.


I think tdm doesn’t belong in ranked. Keep it in quick play. Its not competitive


I could always find a match in gridiron and exe. If you played it you would know that. And you’d also understand why tdm shouldn’t be considered ranked or competitive


No. 4v4 is gonna make the single life modes a lot better


That’s your point of view.

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im perfectly fine with 4v4 esca, grid and exe or any new single life mode introduced, but I prefer 5v5 tdm and koth.

Ranked TDM & quick play?

I can’t see the difference anymore.

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It really isnt at all. Lol but whatever.