Team deathmatch problems

My problem comes with team dueling, the points system is pretty aggressive why making 30 deaths per game and curing 10 times your teammates is usually basically impossible this makes it impossible to rank up.


Yes. This is a point i wanted to make.

You cant get 30 elims every game unless its consistently a 2-1 victory. Which in the case of a 2-1 victory, you should be awarded slightly less than a 2-0 victory.

This in turn makes onyx rank and up WAY too much of a grind.

You do not get awarded appropriately for a decisive victory.


Agree, I even lost poins the other day as silver because my teammates were just wasting lives. The match ended before I could even get 500GP lol

I managed to get the max kills during a match today tho,… 2-1, but the enemy wasnt that good and they kept coming blindly giving me free kills. Everyone on the lobby was bronze. This is my first time actually having 30 kills.

On a decent match with a good team, I rarely get above 20, unless we carry.

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