Team (blue/red) phantom boomshot for Gears 5 claimable on

Team (blue/red) phantom boomshot for Gears 5 is claimable right now on and

I haven’t seen anything on the Gears or eSports Twitters or websites. The only way I knew about it is because the Gears Utility app gave me a notification.

Figured I’d spread the word.


Thanks bro. This the first one they’ve given out for this set? Haven’t been following any eSports or get any of the free skins but may try for this one if there’s still a chance to complete it.

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As far as I know, this IS in fact the first time any of the team phantom skins have been claimable for Gears 5. You’d think with a set that was so popular in Gears 4, there would have been some announcements on it…


Exactly. It’s no wonder that the GOW eSports scene never really took off - it’s just so badly promoted. I mean, the material like posters and so on are already there - they just need to promote it on more social media, and these forums. But as it is they basically rely on that GOW eSports Twitter, and probably a few hardcore content creators who may post it on their Twitters as well. Thanks for the heads up! The Team Phantoms were my favourite skins in GOW4.


im glad they are finally bringing them back, the purple phantom is too much imo, and i wasnt a fan of the loyalty black phantom.

I hate going to specific twitter pages for game news.

Just to double check as I can’t find anything on the official GOW site, but has the Dropshot already been and gone? Or is it to come a bit later? It’s hard to tell from time as I’m in the UK and it’s early hours of the morning for me!

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it should be later for you, tomorrow for pst

How’d you even find out they’re giving away the Dropshot too?

I just saw the ad which popped up inbetween matches. It had today’s date (Tuesday 23 February) on it and showed both the Boomshot and Dropshot.

I have no clue what time this started though, so I wasn’t sure if they may have already given out the Dropshot or not. I mean, it’s approaching 10pm EST / 7pm PST, which is pretty late compared to some past tournements/competitions.

Found this after checking a second time and going down through about 40 tweets…

Looks like the Dropshot will be given out the same time during tomorrow’s stream.

Interesting, thanks for that. Glad I didn’t miss it! I’ll have to set a reminder on my phone.

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Oh, so they’re doing this stupid rubbish with arguably the best Phantom skin set again where streams are in the middle of the night for Europeans and it’s impossible to stay up that late and nonsensical to have to wake up for that in the middle of the night when you have to be up early in the morning?

Thanks TC, I totally wanted to have the blue phantom skins back that way. Not.

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This pretty much. Usually they would at least have a post in the new-section of their website, but nope, twitter is more important apparently.

Can’t say I’m that bothered though. These skins are terrible so no huge loss.

Team Blue/Red (well orange!) go rather well with BS characters, My BS Sam and BS Myrrah are rocking them in Gears 4.

I would like some UE skins to return, although I know that is not on the cards.

Why they don’t make announcements like this on their own site/forum is beyond me.

Technically they did. A month ago. And with no mention of earnable skins.

But hey, Kilo just confirmed that the Scorcher will be in there. Woohoo!

Key Dates:
Split 2 Pro League Qualifier #1: January 24th, 2021
Split 2 Pro League Qualifier #2: January 31st, 2021
Split 2 Pro League Qualifier #3: February 7th, 2021
Pro League Roster Lock (Pre Qualified Teams): February 11th, 2021
Split 2 Pro League Qualifier LCQ:February 13th-14th, 2021
Pro League Sub Lock: February 18th, 2021
Split 2 Pro League Day 1: February 23rd, 2021

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I’m fairly sure that not all of the listed matches were streamed live. I remember tuning into the site out of curiosity once and there was nothing.

Also TC know that alot of viewers are interested in skins (or “viewers”) over the actual matches so surely it makes sense to promote when they do have skins to giveaway to drive up “viewer” numbers? I mean they’ve already done the work of creating them, so why not promote them?

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Before Gears 5, it was said there wouldn’t be skins for streams anymore. Then TC must have seen the true viewer numbers for their extremely uninteresting eSports scene.

I still think this is the most ■■■■■■ way to bring those phantom skins back. Especially with the time these streams are for Europeans. Now it’s not as bad as when they put these out at like 3/4 AM or the streams started around then, but I would really just have bought these skins instead of streams that I can’t watch unless I stay up WAY too late which is not helpful to being awake properly for my studies.

Not to mention I have lost interest in showing “support” for a scene I couldn’t give a rat’s about because it has things I personally find interesting in it.

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I thought that was just a reference to the Developer’s Stream? They’ve always had skins to claim during tournements and some matches. It’s just some of the smaller qualifiers that don’t always feature them. But yes, the time difference is a total pain.