Team Animal weapon Skins?

Has anyone received the team animal weapon skin for the lancer or gnasher yet?

Many threads have been made about this. TC said you may have to wait up to two weeks to get them.

I understand this they said the same about the San Diego skins like the longshot but I received them yesturday?

TC said specifically that the Team Animal skins will arrive with the next update. The San Diego skins were different and were said to roll out more generally within two weeks (not update related).

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The San Diego skins were already part of the current in-game content, the only reason for the delay was due to the web site having problems on friday.

Regarding the Animal skins they said from the start that they will be available within 2 weeks AFTER the next update, that translates into: they’re not part of in-game content yet.

I went to the san diego event, and never got the emblems. I purchased my pass online. When do I get the emblems?

Still amazes me how people care about an emblem or skin that they will use for a week or not use it at all.

On the official Watch and Win article it states:

*Team Animal skins will be entitled to your account when the new title update is live.

As for the tech issue that happened on Friday TC did tweet about this.

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