Teaching yourself to wallbounce

I’ve been playing gears comp for a good year and a half now and although I feel as though my knowledge and understanding of gears and escalation is very good I don’t find my wall bouncing to be consist at all and I want to improve my movement. I use to play tournament but felt like I’d reached a point with tournament and moved over to claw and although I am comfortable with claw in my hands my movement feels awful at times, my settings are 30-30-30 10-1-1 omni off… how do people improve there movements these days because I don’t want to try on ranked because I want to win and you can’t play a private without a bot? Does anyone have any tips? Thanks

I learned by making private lobbies with bots. I still do 2 rounds of this daily. Lets me develop my skills without the nerves of a ranked environment.
Insane or Hardcore
270 pts to win
5 sec respawn
5 sec down
Gnasher only