Tdm-who likes poo?

Let’s sort this out once and for all

Its poo

It has no place in gears

Yet it’s so popular??

Please help me understand, does everyone REALLY like it that much? Or is it one of those instances where everyone goes there just to find games BECAUSE everyone goes there just to find games?

If you play it alot, would you rather be playing something else but can’t find games?

If it were removed for a week would everyone populate other modes then not come back if others don’t also?

I’m curious, the games a bore compared to obj based modes like koth n guardian or true gears modes like exe/wz etc

Someone’s always bleeding for the team, does me in

Not a rant btw, I truly believe 80% of the population don’t wana be stuck there but feel choiceless?

Tho many of my beliefs are questionable at best haha :slight_smile:

What is 80% of 1843?

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The reason its so popular is because it is simple, point and shoot at the ones that are shooting at you, and for some reason this lack of challenge attracts the bulk of people, Why? im not quite sure either i would much rather play guardian or escalation which actually requires skill and strategy.

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TDM is awesome! It’s fast, It’s fun.

In all seriousness this

It was the most populated in GoW3 and since everyone played that I just kind of got used to it.

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I’m glad I read your whole post because the first part is so wrong, lol.

TDM is all about who can get into the power weapon spawn and hold it. At the higher tiers most players tend to camp and in many instances the rounds come down to the time limit or just slightly before it. It’s just boring and honestly isn’t something that I consider to be overly skillful but more of a test of patience. Many times I’ve seen these matches go as long if not longer than a sweaty KotH match because of the camping alone.

King of the Hill on the other hand is something that takes not only skill but awareness. The gameplay is extremely fast paced but also has rifle crossfire so you have to move around quickly but carefully. You can’t just sit back and let the enemy team hold an objective because defeat would be certain. It’s very common you’ll run into 3-5 enemies at any given time and the way you and your team handle it will make or break your game. After all, you can’t win it all by yourself in KotH and I know this because I’ve dropped 100+ kills with 25+ captures several times and lost every single time. You can however carry a team by yourself in TDM.

With that said, this is a reason KotH should only be played as a group. TDM is more casual and can be played solo as a quitter doesn’t actually mean certain defeat. But in any case I’ll take a Social KotH over Ranked TDM if I’m looking to play solo.


TDM was a huge mistake in Gow3 and TC made the same mistake in UE + Gow4. Idc what data they have to tell me otherwise. TDM does not belong in Gears and population is irrelevant.


I dont mind TDM, in fact i would rather see FFa tbh.

But even still if Gears 5 didnt have TDm or FFA, I would uninstall the mp aspect of the game completely. Those boring single life game modes dont interest me and koth isnt enough for me to play mp.

I like TDM because it’s probably the most simplest game mode IMO where it’s not one life and round is over.
Sometimes, I may not be in the mood for Gnashering in close quarters around KOTH rings.
So I just see TDM as a more relaxed, laid back game mode where you just eliminate the other team’s lives.
In other games, they may have TDM and it’s easier for them to familiarise if TDM is in Gears.
Plus, they usually have a good population while I won’t find Execution or Warzone easily.

They do have it in jus about every game yea so I can understand them putting it in but for me the fact it was never in 1&2 was one of the many things that helped gears stand on its own, doing it’s own thing, creating original playlists. It was fresh, it didn’t want to conform to the status quo and that was cool.

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Those boring single life games are what made gears feel like a sport for me, had me on the edge of my seat getting competitive. Tdm seriously lacks this imo

I definitely think if TDM were to be dropped in G5 we would see all other playlists better populated, Gears 1&2 had it right from the start, be different, stand out, get competitive.


Tedium = TDM.
Borezone = Warzone
‘The wrong type of arms’ = Arms Race
Then I get a little stuck because everything not KOTH is boring. But doesn’t rhyme :smile:
I do not like poo. Even from a top ■■■■■■.

The tdm reference was cool, I like that.

I’m a huge fan of king, but it doesn’t posses gears soul, it’s lacking what makes gears, gears. It makes up for it in many ways, it’s alot of fun, but I and many others don’t take it seriously, not like the truly competitive side of gears, sure matches can get real sweaty but gears one life games are what gained it popularity as an original mp experience, and the fact I’ve only played 7games of warzone since the game came out makes me real sad :confused:

TDM has every right to be in the game. I played Execution in the hayday but even I know the popularity of a TDM mode. There’s nothing to “get”.

Oh I “get” it, it’s like vanilla/salted crisps/Orange tango

The most basic is often the most popular

All I’m saying is, like the items above, shops stock more of these, cause they sell more, so they stock more, so they sell even more, so they stock even more, but is it better? Or are ppl just then left with less choice when they browse as the smaller amounts of less well known varieties aren’t available, since their falsely deemed as lower sellers, since ya can’t sell what isn’t available. I believe the same rule applies to TDM. Just wish gears never lowered itself to the same, it’s everywhere else and is doing well so we should “stock” it standard

Gears used to be raspberry ripple/roast chicken&thyme/Apple tango but those playlists are “sold out” now cause everyone seems to like plain, it’s just easier to be bland and follow the trends whether you actually prefer them or not. I believe most don’t want plain, but it’s all that’s left and it’s better than nothing

Heart breaking

Yeesh, how’s the view from that high horse up there? If you don’t play the mode that’s fine. Why are you belittling everyone that does?

In the hope that I can get the majority to confess they don’t actually like it so it doesn’t make it into 5 leading to actual gears playlists being populated again by the time we get to the same point in 5’s lifespan

I wouldn’t say high horse, there’s no moral high ground to be had here. Just trying to save gears from the mindless masses who want it to be like every other generic game, the addition of tdm in g3 was a last ditch hope by epic to reach a newer larger audience as playerbase was dwindling, fact is, it’s only got smaller still and I think it’s cause it no longer stands on its own strengths, like everything else these days it’s trying to conform to the masses, and that’s something I cant get behind

Death to TDM :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not standing on its own strengths because the netcode is trash. The game mode isn’t going away no matter how much you ■■■■■. It’s proven time again that it’s a popular mode and it’s gonna stay because people, I don’t know, like it? No one is hiding here. It seems you’re just coming around here going “stop liking what I don’t like”.

I hate Guardian but I can understand its popularity and why people enjoy it. Very strategic. What I like about Gears version of TDM is that it’s not like other TDMs bar Judgments version which was literally “shoot bad guys until you get 50 points”. This version has a life pool everyone shares and you have to act accordingly and honestly carefully still. Sure there’s no ring to capture but it’s about map control like every other mode in the game.

I just can’t stand TDM snobs that act superior because they play a different game mode. This only makes people not like the community more.

Totally agree on the netcode issue, that problem does indeed run deep by all accounts!

Sure I admit I hate the game type and I hate that it takes players away from the types I like to play but I wouldn’t say I’m acting superior cause I like other modes, just expressing my thoughts on it and asking for others, if you or others like it and want to defend it I totally want to hear about it, like I said, I think it’s populated because of a skewed “well it’s populated” system so ppl go there jus to at least find a game, IF this it true I’d like to hear from players who play it an vice versa, if it’s not and ppl like it then so be it, I want to hear from them also.

However if I’m right and say 70% ish of the players stuck there don’t wana be I’d be doing the community a favour by highlighting this, I’m hoping enough views get posted here to try an paint an accurate picture of the situation.

The discussion and others views are just as valid as mine, sure I’m hating on it but trying to do it in a comical/productive way, I care alot about the future of gears

Your views and criticism are very much welcome and encouraged

Thanks for taking the time :slight_smile:

Well put, you know my views on the matter as we’ve spoken about it at length many times, keep fighting the good fight brother!

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Because the vast majority of people who pick up Gears (or any game for that matter) aren’t “pros.” Something like TDM is simple to understand, easy to get into, and - as far as most people are concerned - the point is merely to shoot stuff. They don’t want to be bothered with intricacies of holding certain positions or waiting a few minutes in between rounds.

EPIC knew this when developing Gears 3, and in doing so would attract more buyers because it would make the game more digestible for a broader audience. Take that away, I’d think you’d be disappointed in what would actually happen.