TDM unplayable for Gears 5

The matchmaking on TDM is an absolute joke. Finally giving up on this game, purchased every gears game but will not be giving any more money to a developer that treats their fans like this. Tried to get in a game last night ,20 mins and nothing. When you do get in a game the lag is unbearable.


TMD was one of the few things that worked fine so TC had to destroy it because that’s their way of working with gears. Now we have to run like monkeys with the gnasher to get those rings, die, respawn again, and so on…


this update with the new tuning broke the shotgun again its not even playable its sad but true im thinking of moving onto something else

I recommend LITTLE NIGHTMARES . Its been out for a min but I just discovered it.

ITS 20.00 OR 30.00 With the dlc.

I have not played any games aside from gears for a few yrs aside from assasins creed.

I have officially quit gears until they fix this slow af movement. I played 7 or 8 matches total the past week. There is no adapting or getting used to this MOVING IN MUD BS.
I dont care if the shotgun is broken. Movement is just as important and i will not tolerate this slow a z z game.