Tdm ranking system

Played about 30 games of tdm and my win loss is like 20-10, I played well almost every game except 2-3. I was onyx 3 60% and im now 39%. I can win multiple games in a row and not go up in rank but the moment I loose I go down anywhere from 1-5% this is crazy. The system is clearly having issues for tdm. Im grinding for diamond and ive been keeping track. Tdm is the only one im experiencing problems with. All other modes are moving up after every game I win and play well in

Cmon man… You have a lot of posts and have already posted about this in the past. You know you’re just spamming us with these new garbage threads about the ranking system and it should be put in the main thread instead

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Whether this guy is a serial complainer or not. I will admit that since the last update my rank barely goes up on TDM. Strangely enough it hardly goes down either.

Prior to the update my rank would go up quite quickly (i’m in the diamond ranks) but then also go down loads on a loss (usually an immediate de-rank). Now I’m facing a massive grind to climb. Not sure which I prefer…

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Call me what you want but im going to post about the bull crap when its happening or how is anything going to get fixed? This is a forum right? Dont like my post, then dont read them. You can keep your comments, im here with issues about the game. If your reply isnt about that then your statement is irrelevant just like you already are to me. You chose to click my post and read it. I love gears and will always play this game. Im just tired of having connection issues or rank not working in the limited time I play. Feels like im wasting my time when thats all that happens

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Yeea we all know the ranking system in Gears 4 is kinda strange. I have a win perc. of 72% and I am stuck on diamond 4 in TDM. Win 20 games, went up 1 %. Loose 2. Went down 20%.
I even lost my diamond 4 in KOTH after loosing 2 matche against d5 from 80% to 0%.

But it is what it is and apparently it will not change in Gears 4 anymore.

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20-10 with a few games where you didn’t perform well. Sounds like the ranking system is working fine to me. Sorry but this is a ranking system; not a progression system. Getting to Diamond isn’t supposed to be easy. It’s quite possible the game feels you hit your peak ceiling and that’s why you can’t move up unless you start to perform better on a consistent basis.

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Alright you want to know why you’re not ranking up? You want the hard truth?

Because you perform poorly. Simple as that.

That logic doesn’t work because duplicates are spam. What if people were posting p0rn on here? Would you say “don’t like my p0rn, don’t look at it?”

Spamming multiple threads is not how you get it fixed. There is a main thread with HUNDREDS of comments where the devs specifically reply and deep dive into people’s accounts. Post there if you want something to change.

You really are self centered aren’t you? The world and these forums just revolve around you I guess?



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