TDM ranked needs full squads not solo or duos

Why make TDM solo or duos.Sucks I can’t play ranked with my kids like I used to.literally built my own squad and now they took it away.If so many people hate TDM then why does tc care to ruin the mode even more.Dont care to play quick match because we like to grind for our teir.


I’m glad the stacks aren’t allowed cause i was tired of going against a stack 5.

It should be if you are a stack 5 you have to play against another stack 5 plain and simple.

Too easy to win as a stack 5 against a bunch of randoms so now you actually have to be good to win and not rely on your stack.

Also you can play KoTH and Gridiron with your stack.

Same thing happens if you play stacks in any game mode.Why do they have to use TDM as a guinea pig.



Just increase the likelihood of stacks matching with other groups 2+ up. It doesn’t need to be only stacks vs stacks; they just need to make the matchmaking attempt to find them first, then if nothing can be found, put in your lone wolves. This shouldn’t hurt the matchmaking time at all. 0 excuse to not have it.

TC botched this game and ran the playerbase off. Other wise that would be a good solution but they were slow to react to literally anything ans anytime they fixed one thing they broke another only to go fix the other thing and break the thing they originally fixed. Its a mess.