TDM rank even matter anymore?


Lmao dashboardin does not make you avoid losing gp

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Im not even readin all that but just kno youre wrong …

everybody should carry their weight doesnt matter if ur a diamond.
the average d1 is trash… Had a match were guy was afk the whole match as if he was workin for the other team, he was d1 …
We had 3 D1s (2 worthless scrubs) an a gold an silver … the enemy had 3 D3 an 2 onyx 3s
Less than 200 pts rd 1? sell ur damn xbox

People have done it already. I see master marks almost every match. Maybe they got those stacking in another game mode idk.

A master or diamond level TDM player should never die more than 10 times in any match. They should also be getting 20 or more kills every match. Especially in this current edition of ranked TDM with party sizes limited to 2. If you die more than 5 times in a round you have used more lives than are given to you at the beginning of the round and your rank should start going down for that.

According to all of the feedback they got from the diamonds and masters this is the level of play the community has decided a high ranked player of a game mode called DEATH match should be performing at. The point is to kill and stay ALIVE is it not?

I know that if they changed it to be more skill based that my rank would most likely drop but I don’t care. Because I know that all my rank means is that I should be playing with people at the same rank. A dumb weapon skin is not that important to me. All I want is a fair game most of the time instead of a steam roll every match.

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Welcome to win to rank up. I’m sorry you can’t read. This system is trash and I am apparently the only one that seems to care. I liked the first system better and I told them that when they went through preseason with no TDM.

I was gold 1 in the other system and I bounced up and down through gold and silver a bunch of times. I knew that the system had bugs because they told everybody that it was broken before the game released. I didnt care what my rank was but I tried to help fix things with my feedback.

They ultimately decided to scraped the system and started over so I stop giving feedback because a new system was coming. This system is a result of why didn’t I rank up on a win complaints that flooded the previous systems feedback threads.

I was very vocal in those threads telling people the same thing I am telling people now. Winning or losing should make little difference to your rank if the system is supposed to be ranking you on your performance. If you didn’t really help the team win then you don’t deserve to rank up.

I disagree, it’s great if you get 2 stacks playing at top end. Some of the best nights I’ve had was playing with a team with my friends. I remember one night playing the same team 5 games in a row, can’t remember the outcome but it was amazing. Added 2 of them after and have played with before this 2 cap.

I guess everyone is entitled too there opinion but for me what makes gears great is being able to play with friends etc and communicate stuff.

Being in a ranked mode where you can’t communicate and get paired with saps that bowl about throwing the game ruins the mode.

Simple fix would be too disable 3+ teams in matchmaking settings. That would allow the choice of only coming up against max pairs or teams. Obv teams of 3+ wouldn’t be able too turn that off

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I agree but at the same time it’s hard to carry 2 randoms who choose to move whenever they want or quit.

Very hard to win when the enemy knows a player is afk & feed off him.

Then you lose map control & power weapons.

You can be really positive & still lose due to a scrub on the team is all I mean.

Especially now that you cant choose the other half of the team.

Always go to diamond then get matched with low level who go afk or throw the game because they’re jealous of my rank… I’m sick of it…

One loses 1,000 gp while the other loses 1,750 gp…

I make 1,500 gp just by winning… so I u sweet and why a gold player would stop to go get a drink or go to the restroom mid match…

But a diamond player has everything to lose … I’m playing a ranked match while they treat it like social.

At least can pair us up with like wise players or just let me squad up…

Instead I’m at the mercy of 2 random players every match & we all know how toxic that is…

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We saw last night how crappy 2 random onyx players are that go negative literally every game.

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I was disappointed how onyx players can play so bad but have the title of onyx…

I know silver players back in the damage system that balled off more than what we had yesterday lol

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