TDM rank even matter anymore?

Is anybody else not bothered one bit about there rank on TDM now you cant play with friends etc? I’ll now deliberately dashboard too avoid playing a game taking the -gp or just turn Xbox off now mid game.

It’s lost all its appeal now. I literally go on for 2/3 games maybe and just duck off whenever I feel.

I mean you can’t take the game mode seriously when your continually getting paired with window lickers so I guess the only way too explain it now is it’s like a ranked casual mode.


Feel the same for KOTH. Why put effort and passion into it when the developers@TCSera and the bunch don’ t even do it!!! Matchmaking is now beyond Science!! Every ■■■■■■■ match is a ping Parade. I think I’ ll change the sides and become a quitter also. It’s no fun anymore. All the tuning and fixes are ■■■■■■■ senseless if you not separate lobbys by pings. You can perform well and you loose pointe. You can t even break even!!! So I decided to give ■■■■ on my rank or bans and I won t play any ranked match if I see high pinger, it will be a insta quitt!!! Runnin Solo into stacks now 4 times in row. Always different stacks, why don t play stacks against stacks??? In GOW 4 it wasn’t like this!!! The game is a year old and TC is still not able to fix matchmaking??? That isan extra developer achievement worth!!!

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Having bad team mates is similar to having a quitter like u, if u gona quit ranked maybe dont play it


You loose sympathy from me when you purposely ruin the game for others.


TC have ruined the game for the game for me.

The passion I once had is lost, I’m just asking if others now find themselves just quitting now as they can’t be ■■■■■

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That’s nice. Now, please don’t purposely quit games just to make a statement or to ruin the experience for others.


I don’t purposefully quit unless I’ve been paired with saps then I’ll quit before the game loads in too force the game not too start.

Alternatively if I’m mid game and lose interest I’ll quit the game entirely and play something else.

I don’t have the passion anymore too see the game out so maybe if they fix the issues that have been screamed about maybe people will not do it.

Seriously? How could you possibly have typed that response and think it was accept as a counter-argument? You messed it up at “unless”.


Because I’ll think your find there’s no law that says I have too continue playing, if I decide too quit out and play a game at any given point I’m entitled to do so.

Also, TC force the matchmaking with randy’s as you can’t play team dm as a team so they also force the issue of quitting.


That’s why.

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A true diamond or master TDM player should be able to fill the role of a bad teammate that dies 10 plus times per match by not dieing and being a total slayer. If your not filling that role then your not diamond or master material.

I can’t do that and I know I can’t so I help my team win by controlling the maps power weapons as best as I can and making sure I am in a position to get good damage from medium to long range when team mates rush into gnasher battles hopefully giving tjem enough help to win the fight. I also don’t expect the ranking system to cater to me and give me a rank I do not deserve. It is a ranking system not a progression race to the top of the list.

If you see a teammate struggling in a gnasher battle or continusly running to their death what is your strategy to try and win the match?

I find it best to wait until one or two of the feeders push the group and use them like meatshields and bait. This strategy doesn’t always pay off and that is when you have to adapt and try other things like flanking or getting a power weapon on your own to help your team.

Maybe try saying something simple and not out of anger into your Mic like stop going in there or please stop dieing. Even most Spanish speaking people understand the word stop. They can hear you even if they are not wearing a headset.

@TC_Sera can you guys start banning people like the OP of this thread for longer than 15 to 30 minutes when they come on the forums and places like Twitter openly admitting that they are causing problems for other players?

Getting rid of these toxic types of players would go a long way to fixing Gears MP. These people have been a problem scince 2006 and are the biggest reason new players don’t stay playing the game. New players get treated like crap by their fellow players until they get frustrated enough to stop playing completely.

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Lol at asking the forum community manager for banning me longer than 15/30 minutes in a feeble attempt thinking they have the power todo that :joy::slight_smile::rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::slight_smile::slight_smile::joy::joy::joy:

Not just you dumby all people with your mentality. Why do you have to make it about you? Why is it that when you complain about bad teammates bringing down your rank you start attacking people that disagree with you? We try and help you to see that the real issue is with the ranking system and not the party size limit.

I tried to give you some advice just now in my post and all you took from it was me asking TC if they could look into banning people for a longer time for openly admitting to being a problem. You are not the only person that does this. You also failed to answer my question. What do you do if your teammates keep dieing to try and win?

Because you specifically said like the OP which btw is me, so I said trying too ask a CM too ban me was jokes.

Unlucky Trevor.

TC don’t respond on these forums. Get used to it.

If you don’t like the game anymore, why continue playing it? Just to quit out.

That makes zero sense.

Give your feedback on it and move on. You’re making yourself look stupid, is that what you want?


What I look in you opinion is your opinion.

I’m trying another approach, I tried getting people on board in the forums and got how many reply’s or any notice from TC ? I’ll let you guess it’s before 1.

So I’m trying another approach, if that doesn’t work I’ll try something else. At some point hopefully TC will see the problem and address it.

TDM is now what FFA is what garbage kids want so they can hide round corners etc.

It needs stacks back and that’s that.

Also if you don’t like me posts the door is over there :point_right: :door:


I enjoy your posts, makes me laugh seeing how stupid you’re acting.

Its obvious TC are trying out different things. They aren’t gonna change something back 5mins later.

Maybe you should walk over to that door and take your own advice.

Thanks for admitting that you go out of your way to f*** everyone else over if you don’t get your way.


Clearly said I’m trying another approach.

Thanks for the flaming, that is btw against forum rules.

My Thread my rules. Use the door.

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Always was

You’re so wrong it’s laughable. I can’t take this serious.

Seems like you never played a high caliber TDM match.

@Bad_Like_You don’t mind the negative comments. I’m a 3xmaster & in king with the highest k/d in TDM being top 10 in TDM & even I feel your pain.

Only dedicated TDM players know this is complete BS.

If I have to explain why they should try to hit diamond on this OP with the duo system & figure it out themselves.