TDM on Quickplay

Why has this gone? It’s the straightforward, accessible, casual game mode.

I don’t want to work out rules of weird flag capturing games, and I don’t want to get massacred by people in competitive. TDM in quickplay must surely have been the go to mode for most people just wanting a quick, reasonable game?

So why get rid of it?!?


you mean KOTH? where you literally run to a hill and sit there? not hard to comprehend lol.

as for TDM being gone? im sorry for your loss.

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No, I mean the weird flag capturing game believe it or not. Since you’re being smart, I can obviously work out the rules, but I don’t like the complications. I prefer the simplicity of TDM or Warzone (when it existed) and I don’t see why the most accessible mode has been removed from quickplay when that’s where most casual players will go.

Congratulations on posting in a thread about TDM being gone from quickplay when you don’t care about TDM being gone from quickplay.

The combining of the playlist was an attempt at adding some variety it seems. I think TC believes that everyone enjoys every playlist to some degree and that was enough for them to justify mix matching them into a bundle.

That’s my first guess, my second being that they wanted to minimize the amount of playlist and keep Quickplay players together instead of spread out. I can understand why people are upset and wouldn’t be surprised or mad if it gets changed. Perhaps I’m in the minority liking the randomness of playlist

God I hated that in Gears of War 4 Quickplay…

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As far as I am concerned TDM is the fundamental of what Gears is, they made a really big mistake going from 5v5 to 4v4 when they moved from 4 to 5 and all the people I played 4 with decided not to play anymore if we could not all play together, but I eventually got into the more casual TDM of 5 playing solo. They ruined the game with the current update by putting TDM into competitive as I dont want to go into a game against a 4 man team who can all communicate with each other as what makes competitive games fun to begin with is fairness which is lacking when the other team have an advantage, In the past I would just back out before the match started in such cases but they now punish you for this so what is the point in even playing the game anymore,