TDM isn’t camping, here’s proof from a TDM player

I read a lot that TDM is camping.

If you camp that’s on you. I know some players get intimidated by having a life count so they play to a style that correlates that. But here’s proof TDM is not campy.

25 days (should be 24 but I’m rounding a day due to additional play time) multiplied by 24 hours, multiplied by 60 minutes brings a play time of 36,000 minutes.

Divided by 2,300 wins.

Gives about 16 minutes per match. Not even counting the matches I lost so this is greatly inflated added more time.

Now as a gamer who wants fast matches TDM is ideal. The proof is in my stats. You play 1 round of king & its 10 minutes & could be possibly 3 rounds! That’s 30 minutes minimum unless a player quits. Gridiron might be closer timing wise but the creative stimulus that makes the game fun is lacked.

I’m biased , obviously, thinking that my mode is all that. Aren’t we all.

But if you camp that’s on you.

You see my stats. I proved it. So think twice about tdm being a camp mode because maybe you’re the camper & yes. Face that reality, nothing wrong with it. People play how they play.

Not saying I’m a god. But tdm isn’t campy.

Any mode that’s on ranked is competitive. People don’t play ranked to lose. Well, those that care.

Bring back TDM ! Where matches are done within 16 minutes or less…

Give us gamers who don’t want to play endlessly camping rings or chasing flags a platform to kills & destroy!



Camping is in every mode. It’s not TDM-specific. It’s just down to the players.


I’m inclined to agree, now. KOTH has been my go to for the past several years. But this new ranked system is so bad I think I’m done with it. Halo better be GREAT or Xbox MP is done for.


Bring Back Ranked TDM.

It cannot be said enough.


Por favor TDM rankeds please