TDM in a Pathetic state, unworthy of a Ranked mode aka CasualDeathMatch

Might as well have no ranked TDM.

It’s unworthy of a ranked mode.

TC stated they took TDM down to make it more competitive but it’s more casual than ever.

People camp in random areas , no cross, just waiting for an easy corner to blast while the smart person plays for power weapons / map control.

People don’t listen when you try to text chat to communicate. You waste time typing as opposed to just playing, leaving yourself vulnerable.

The higher ranked you are the more chances of bad players match on your team, while the game collects good players to versus you because you’re ranked high.

Today I won 5x with @oxJINXEDxo & I was about to hit diamond.

The game conveniently throws us a bronze 3 & gold 1. So I dash board to save myself the headache.

Then I reset & i lost 2,500 points almost losing my onyx 3.

I was beyond upset.

I did not quit mid match so what’s the big deal.

I can’t squad up & I have to play with trash now…

TDM isn’t worthy of a ranked mode.

Please take it down.



I don’t even play Versus anymore and I still agree


I played Tdm first time in a week & all I was getting was rage & headaches…

Couldn’t enjoy it.

Coming from someone with easily 25+ days of ranked TDM only.

I get more upset at the casuals on my team.

We still win, sure but no real contribution from them other than handing out the team easy kills.

Then they just abandon you in a 1v3 when you just camped the boom for 40 seconds & bail at the last 10 seconds just because 3 enemies show up.

I killed 1 then grabbed boom , I was alone got a shot off then died.

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~Re-hit diamond

Here, I fixed it for ya! And yeah, the whole ranking system is utterly disgusting now.

Dang, I miss the old system!


I’ve yet to hit any rank in this game mostly because ranked is just really boring. Actually versus in general is boring for me.
Mostly because I dont really play with anyone but still. The highest rank I’ve hit was gold 1 or something and that’s only because I stopped playing.

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I keep losing it but once I hit it this time I think I’m not even going to touch tdm.

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@III_EnVii_III I just realized, OP writes like you.


It’s the Alpha way to write.

All should follow my lead.