TDM idle spawn swap

I’m all for spawn swaps but why does it happen when someone is idling in their own spawn? Really messes up the spawns and creates free kills and practically a free win.

It happens because an enemy sees the AFK and goes on your spawn to kill them. Once an enemy is in your spawn, they swap. They know you have an AFK so less sporting (read: desperate) players will keep hopping spawns and killing him.

I go there, just to punish AFK’s but, and I think I’m fairly alone on this one, I down them as I get close, do a lil dance, then leave them to get back up. Purely so someone on the other side of the screen is sitting there going “why didn’t he kill me?”
This is only for social tho, if your AFK in ranked you deserve to die, an I’ll happily oblige but I won’t run to spawn for this if it will put the objective at risk etc, ranked-the win comes first

Trust me, no one cares. AFKs have either been disconnected, or they are texting, on the toilet, etc. It takes the game a couple minutes to remove you after you’re disconnected. Tbagging them isn’t bothering anyone because they’re usually not even in the hasn’t. If we have an AFK, I watch from the side and lancer down the people that try to get the easy kills.

I hate Spawn Swaps. I’ll go near Spawn intentionally only if the oppo are out of Respawns.

Like the other week on KOTH I spawned with an Oppo. We downed each other, got up, I downed them, then said on Mic “I don’t kill people in Spawn” and left them to recover and get on the Map.