TDM idea for gears of war 5

We need our separate spawns. Having a team of 5 players with 15 shared spawn, is relying on the team. Why can we just have a team of splitting the spawns. split it between 5 players, and you just have 3 spawns per player. That way, the players are less frustrated of people wasting spawns. You are reliable for your own spawns and deaths. Why rely on your team of losing those spawns, why not just split up the spawns evenly? Now it is your responsibility to save those three spawns. It is like an old fashion video game. three tries and game over. You are out of the round until the next round .


I mean it is a team game


I like your idea but I suppose as it is TEAMDM they want you to use team work? You way could be interpreted as just Death match.


As others have stated, it’s TEAM Deathmatch. While I’d like the idea of having life’s that others couldn’t careless toss away into the wilderness, it just wouldn’t make sense.

Through experience, when playing solo you learn to notice who is more likely to cost the team lives and who is capable of holding their own. You’re then placed with two options; speed up and try to attack as much as possible to do more damage to the enemy before they take advantage of the weaker players or be a support player, providing consist cover fire, smoked and marks to help the less skilled players.

In some occasions, though, there’s just no helping plain stupidity. Such is the curse of playing TDM solo.

Anyway I’m getting carried away! Back to the point. No, nah, nope, wrong, negatory. Definitely a bad idea.

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I really like this idea but it would take away from the ‘Team’ aspect, so I guess it would require them changing the entire mode to just Deathmatch. On a side note though

Unpopular Opinion:

I disagree with TDM being the primary focus and center of Versus anyway,
Gears was in a MUCH better place when Execution was the top mode. Change the tuning and at least add execution rules to some of these core modes including maybe TDM and change it to DM overall. The way it’s currently set up, casual players have no true incentive in TDM to develop better habits because even if they die they’re sharing accountability and respawns with the other 4 teammates. Back in my day if I decided to make a bad decision by pushing Boomshot alone or losing a 1v1 I was only exposing myself and I had to sit and wait on the spectator mode to think about how I’m going to respond in the next round or how I’m going to step my game up to help the team, Now in this era of Gears you can have one person run in against 3 people by themselves, die and then do it again 5 more times in a row after that because they’re using borrowed lives and don’t feel any pressure on themselves to improve/adapt. Why are you allowing ONE or TWO bad players per lobby to dictate the entire momentum/outcome of a match??This isn’t CoD where you have 75-100 chances to die until the game is over, Gears isn’t meant for that play style yet it’s still being encouraged. I guarantee you there will be less stupidity and messing around if in deathmatch for example people were only accountable for a limited amount of respawns themselves. Less quitting, less trolling, less frustration

You know how many matches I’ve played where the other team has a nice setup with angles and the noobs on your team roadie run straight into them back to back to back to back to back to back like insects and don’t get punished for it ? Only the smart players do because now even if they’re 10 kills 0 deaths they’re probably going to lose anyway because their team is reckless with their respawns. I’ve lost so many times where the score was 12 to 2 and they somehow come back to win the game because 1 or 2 people don’t learn their lesson after dying constantly. Stop dictating people’s rank/records based off people on their team that they have no control over, Take it back to the ROOT of what made Gears popular and allow your players to control their own narrative (Speaking in terms of TDM, other game modes are different.)


As someone who usually has the least deaths, I’d prefer that way. But, if you don’t like camping, you’re going to HATE it when everyone has finite lives. Bring your marshmallows and gram crackers.


Some players sacrifice their lives for the good of the team (first to push in a team push for example), so I’d feel bad for them. Instead of your suggestion, how about we just remove TDM and add FFA :smiley:

FFA (10 Players)
BR FFA (100 Players)
BR 3 Mans (90 or 120 Players)
Wingman (10 Players)
BR Wingman (100 Players)


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I love the enthusiasm but Gears can’t even handle 10 players :rofl::rofl:


Gears still has the “waiting for players” bug in horde with 5 players lol


I know it’s just a dream for Gears of War 42 :disappointed_relieved:


They need to change tdm to where you have 15 extra lives that the team pulls from when they die and the objective is gor the first team to get rid of the other teams lives wins.

isn’t this how TDM works already? Or am I just not understanding


It was a joke

TDM is by far my most played game mode and I think your idea is great but it also sounds almost like a Free For All game mode which we may see in Gears 5

Yeah. And it’s kinda what makes Gears TDM unique. I mean it’s more team execution-extended. But same same.

I do like the idea.

5 Lives each.

Too many times people go 2-11 and push with no real strategy.

BR Gears oh god that’s hilarious imagine havin 100 marcus’ running around lmao.

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execution should be main focus in my opinion.

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