TDM doesn't really need a 4x week. Low population modes (still) do

First of all let me say that when 4x xp for a featured playlist got announced, I doubted it would manage to boost the player count of less popular modes in a meaningful way.

I was wrong. 4x weeks work, and cut down wait times very effectively, even in those modes which would otherwise be virtually unplayable outside of the US because of the lack of players.

Now, I don’t really have anything against TDM getting its turn, but from what I understand season 4 is ending on October 1st, and all we got is one week over the course of a 5 month season to place diamond in each of the less played modes (I managed for the most part, but not everyone has that much time in a single week, especially when updating from one rank tier to another takes an hour or so).

I mean let’s face it, outside of the week they are featured, there’s no way to find a guardian or dodgeball match in the EU region, with execution being slightly more doable but with really long wait times.

Given the fact that being featured is a NECESSITY for these modes, while TDM is alongside KOTH the most played one, please consider giving guardian, dodgeball and execution another round before the season ends, and maybe make rotating featured playlist a permanent thing, so we can actually play them on a semi-regular basis.


You’re right, TDM simply doesn’t need a 4x week. IT NEEDS A 10X WEEK. Lets GO! We need to prove once and for all TDM is the definitive mode. Its gonna be the TWO TIME world player base champ, dodgeball better step down after this one.


I was thinking the same thing. I play TDM the most lately (because I can get matches quick) but I’d much rather see a mode like Guardian or Execution get 4xp again so that it’s actually playable and we can find matches without great effort.

they probably choose TDM because the entire game has a low population

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Takes me 3-5min to find an execution match. While 10-30 sec for TDM… Not a fan of core settings anymore

Just what I was about to say. To try and get it’s popularity up a bit

Tied in with the challenge of course. So Escalation next week to tie in with San Diego? Although I’ll be on holiday and thus useless heh…