Tdm deaths matter

why should someone with 15 kills and 15 deaths get mvp , when other players go 12 n 3 or 8 n 0, think its about time that when u die in tdm you should lose 50pts from you’re score. gets very annoying when u have randoms or friends that don’t understand that these deaths really harm you’re tms chance of a win.


100% agreed


From a competitive standpoint I agree, but from a game play perspective it’s going to promote even more camping.

The entire mode just doesn’t really fit in the game. You could easily boost your worst teammate to diamond if you just let them acquire the power weapons and consistently win.


It’s such a poorly thought out scoring system. You can easily MVP while costing your team the game at the same time.
Guardian is also scored badly.
Wish they put a little more effort into this stuff and scored the actual objective.


I like the idea in theory but I agree with commando that it would increase camping.

I agree completely. I basically play to the tune of “get points, don’t die.” Seems like 95% of players don’t care about their deaths.

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What if core search only matched you with people within your K/D range? This isn’t something I’d want but I just wanna hear what you guys think.

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Kinda like you said a while back your teammates always bring you all the power weapons? And then you come here and brag about your Diamond?

Sorry, just thought this was a funny statement, coming from you :slight_smile:


The reason why the guy with 15 kills and 15 deaths got MVP and not the guy with 8 kills and 0 deaths is because the guy with 15 kills got 15 kills and the guy with 8 kills got 8 kills.

MVP isn’t a ribbon for “who helped the team the most” it’s simply for the player who performed the best. It’s just there for people to feel good about themselves. Subtracting points for death will just encourage camping in the already camper-ridden gamemode.


You should get timed point multipliers,
Get a kill - 175points
2x points activated for 20sec counting down, so by 10sec it’s only 1.5x

Get a kill then, at 10sec to net 263points (i think) and 20secs added to your remaining 10, giving you 30secs and counting to get the most out of your now 3x multiplier and so on

Encouraging a constant push for your points to make up for the fact you just died and lost 100points, but you push on to make up for it, tho carefully because you don’t wana go neg

Solving both problems

Until you lot poke holes in it :confused:

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It’s beyond stupid that they don’t give you bonus points for killing the leader. They should aslo give you bonus points for killing an enemy near your leader or near their leader. I know other kills on the map count for something as well, but that’s just an initial thought.


It would be good if the “heroes” that consistently rush and die, no matter the situation, are punished for their carelessness.


I believe it is my job as a competitor to perform at my best every match and to do what I can do win. It’s on the developers to fix these things, it is not my moral responsibility not to do whatever I can to win. I’d never blame anyone else for trying to min/max the system.

I believe that the ranking system mostly works for a mode like escalation and especially 2v2 boxes, but the only metric tdm should be based on are the wins and losses because of all the performance variables.

Team death match should honestly just be scrapped. If you’re going to have a campy mode, at least make it one that fits into the map design like war zone or execution.

It’s my favorite mode but drives me nuts because people tend to sit on one side of the map and just rack up kills while I have to go mission impossible and not only kill the leader, but then stay alive as leader next round. And for my troubles I score on the bottom of the board. Lol :smile:

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The issue with the mode is that it turns into a very boring stalemate if the teams are even remotely evenly matched. They need to do something to change the meta, perhaps lower the respawn time for the team if the leader is in a position on the map, or something.

As it stands it’s just too strong to just sit on the back of most maps.

It was the most popular game mode when it was introduced in Gears 3 when it supplanted Execution as the most popular game type. Though they no longer show the numbers, I’d guess it’s the most popular game type still.

It’s tdm not king of the hill. Players need to watch their deaths because everyone shares from the same pool of lives.

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MVP with 15 deaths… dont thinkso👎

Agreed, your kills and deaths are both equally important in TDM. If you get 15 kills but also 15 deaths you didn’t really help your team because everything you did was also handed back to the enemy. A player that went 8-1 did far more for their team than the 15-15.


TDM lives matter