TDM 2 max review

I think it’s time for people too post there thoughts and opinions on the 2 max in TDM.

Personally I hate it. It’s almost impossible too have a good competitive game as your just paired with people who have no interest playing as a team in a ranked objective game.

I think it’s time in my opinion already time for TC too remove the 2 cap and place that on KoTH instead.

On a side note I remember the Dev stream them saying they was making changes too TDM that required weeks coding. Surly changing it to 4 a side wasn’t that. Could we get an inside on what changes are coming ?


I believe you have made your disdain for the single and duos cap on the new TDM quite clear, as this is the umpteenth thread you have made about it.

On topic: I don’t play PvP, so my thoughts and opinions are to be taken with a grain of salt, but I think it’s silly that you can’t take a team into Team Deathmatch.


I believe you are wrong in what you are saying.

I’m actually looking for others feedback.

Thank you for you on topic reply.

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Three threads where you’ve talked about wanting full teams instead of singles and duos.

I see you were quick to respond with a nasty post and then quickly edited it after you saw that I did, indeed, respond to the topic at hand. Thank you for acknowledging it and editing your post.

Also, not sure what you mean by “looking for others feedback.” Do I not count as “others”? Last I checked, I’m not you, which by definition makes me “other” than you.

No worries though! Keep on keeping on, maybe TC will add back full teams for you and you can go on your merry, full-squad, killing sprees.


ranked will stay garbage due to the amount of leavers. 1 leaver on the enemy/your team makes the game ■■■■. xbox mentality is garbage.

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I like that it’s 4v4 but limiting it to solo and duo queues is stupid. It’s called TEAM DEATHMATCH.


Actually I edited it before you replied rising too be the better man as I decided it wasn’t needed. sorry too take all the hype from your reply.

So 3 is the equivalent to numbteen times just too confirm?

I also said thank you for your on topic reply so not sure where you are going with that.

I’m sorry on this occasion I rised above you and refused too post as you put it nasty posts. I’m glad you took the time too see my edits and confirm yourself here for everyone too see I decided against abusing anyone.

Too you sir, thank you.

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ump·teenth /ˌəm§ˈtēnTH/ number informal adjective: umpteenth

  1. used to emphasize that something has happened on many other occasions.


hy·per·bo·le /hīˈpərbəlē/ noun noun: hyperbole ; plural noun: hyperboles

  1. exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.

Thank you so much for being the better man by pointing out that you’re the better man. Man, I feel better, don’t you man? :rofl:

Don’t get all hissy bro. All I did was point out you made some threads about the same topic, and then I went on to agree with your statement. Just take it for what it is and move on.

That is, unless you’re the type of person who just HAS to have the last say on something. If that’s the case, go ahead and respond to this message as well knowing that I won’t reply to it. Go nuts with it! Won’t it be nice to know you will get absolutely no response? :grin:

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Not really, just thought I’d point out that there where things in your statement that where incorrect too the events at hand.

I mean I’m not calling you a liar but there are some flaws there.

In all honestly I’m sure your going too think of some sort of clever reply but your last one made you in my opinion look around the age of 12 which is below the 18 rated game which forum we are on.

It would probably be better for you too ignore my posts in future if you have nothing positive too say.

Have a nice day.

Exactly. I really don’t understand the mentality here. I mean, I get that there is a “ME” in TEAM, but it literally takes FOUR to spell TEAM :rofl:

I think TDM should have no team limit. People want to play together in a competitive mode with their rank on the line to make it interesting. I understand the frustration from solo queuers but this solution is misguided because it limits fun. Why not have some GP modifier (cheaper buy in cost for example) for solo queuers that reduces as you increase your stack. That way, although it will still be hard to solo vs stacks, solo queuers will be compensated for the difficulty and their rank will reflect that.

I won’t be playing any team mode with a solo or duo cap on it.

it’s crap

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its less about the points for me and more about the experience .if i wanted to play 5v5 competitive games I would just play something else. It isn’t fun vs stacks but as a 5 man stack im sure it’s fun stomping and winning game after game. go play public instead. or make tc make a 5v5 stack mode and a solo/duo mode. 5v5 stack mode would die real quick because no one actually gives a ■■■■ and hate stacks.

most popular games are team games and the solo/duo aspect makes it more dynamic and fun. reason a game like LoL is worth billions of dollars and it’s most popular mode is solo/duo despite being a 5v5 “Team” game.

Just so I understand what you mean, you want too play team death match as a solo and teams shouldn’t be allowed to play team death match?

Gears is about playing as a team with friends not soloing around the map in my opinion


Not only should TC allow stacks in ranked, but they should secretly tweek the matchmaking for any player who complained about teams to ONLY be able to play against teams of players.

There’s a mode for people who don’t want to go against competitive teams. It’s called social.

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@XJ9lol Fair enough regarding the experience over the GPs, though I think some would be placated by the GPs.

By the same token, the experience of groups of friends is also affected by this limitation who want a competitive experience to enjoy alongside their friends.

Unfortunately, although a good idea in principle, I think the community is too small to matchmake between solos and stacks.

I don’t know about you, but as a stack, I don’t stomp and win game after game. Actually, as a stack I’ve been beaten often enough by ones and twos. It doesn’t guarantee a win but it does help. Sometimes I think though, that when people lose and see they’re opposing team as stacked, they focus solely on that as their reason for losing and then come onto Twitter/forums/Reddit/etc and blast off against stacks.

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4 v 4 is horrrible! Bring back 5 v 5 and score not stupid gp…


The coalition really should review that aspect of the game. Being able to play as a squad is way better than just having 2 randoms in your team imo. But hey nowadays it’s all about getting more ppl to play the game and making more money… sad