TCA Recruit Lancer

I just enlisted for The Coalition Army. I upload gameplay videos and montages on youtube. I will recieve TCA Recruit Lancer as soon as I get 100 subscribers or I have to wait for The Coalition for sending the skins to everyone???

Can anyone help me?


They don’t give out those skins anymore unfortunately. Not sure if they will in the future, but it doesn’t look promising. You may never be able to get that skin.

But regardless, yeah you need 100 subs before they would give it to you anyway.

It was said during a developer stream they will start redistributing the lancer skins once the TCA comes back with a renewed focus. Right now, they’re planning to revamp the program. The last update i know the TCA revamp site is like 80% done.

When it comes to TCA, I aim to ask Dana every week, (just to annoy him… :P)

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I wouldn’t follow you anyway. Seen one montage in Gears you’ve seen them all. Wall bouncing, gnasher kills and no look headshots with the longshot


they are rebranding the TC recruit lancer ,it will be out sometime down the road

Kind of harsh dot you think? :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I love the OPs passion but im not a fan of them clinging over the free skin just because they hit the sub count (which imo should be at least 1k)

I should make a skillful one then of just crossing people out, that would be so entertaining to watch.

I got mine today!!!

Congrats… Screenshot or is not real :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

also made a video,

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congrats I got it also

i want my TCA Commedation lancer back