TC, your up coming update better fix this game

And if it doesn’t, I hope you fall off the face of this earth.

This is the last chance I’m ever giving this game, I’m done sitting here waiting to roll a 7 or 11 like some idiot who’s at the casino throwing all of their money away because they think they will get that magic number, and win.

So your going to either throw a hail mary, and it’s going to be spectacular, or I’m never buying this game, and I quit permanently, and I cancel game pass and you still don’t get squat, these are my terms, I’m sick of getting pi$$ed off playing this $hit.

It’s not a question of skill or sucking at this game, shots are not registering, and my nasher gets locked when I try and shoot someone in the game, my hardware is fine, my internet connection is fine, fix your net coding before someone else does it for you, and not in a good way.


Please create constructive posts instead of angry and vaguely threatening rants. Thank you.