TC, you need to fix cross play for gears

I just don’t get it, TC makes gears 5 cross play, but Xbox players seem to be playing on stronger hardware than PC players are at times. You can tell me all day that PC has an advantage on gears 5, I already know we do, technically. The way they have cross play set up in this game is kind of a joke. Even after the last update, shots still don’t count, triggers are still getting locked when using the nasher, so the jokes on PC. We know TC is petting the Xbox player like they don’t want any harm to come to them when they have to play against PC players. No offense to you Xbox players, but don’t you feel a little puny knowing TC doesn’t allow you to have to actually earn a kill in the game? If TC is going to continue making Xbox players look small and weak. Then it just validates how weak of a platform the Xbox really is, if you Xbox players really think your good in gears 5, then you should never need a handicap. TC needs to stop sitting on their thumbs, and figure out a way to balance this game out in cross play.

im not having these issues. the only recurring problems I see posted are fps, sound, and crashing bugs.

This isnt true at all.

Says PC players have an advantage then goes on and says Xbox are only good because of their advantages

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I perform better when I play on PC, even with a controller and way more when I play KB and mouse.

You sir are an idiot who blames his own shortcomings in the game on some sort of TC conspiracy to handicap PC players.


Between bugs courtesy of TC and those from Win 10, did actually expected Gears to run flawlessly?

As for PC / Xbox debate, just search for past posts, plenty of stuff said so no need to do it again.

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4 replies don’t speak for the majority of the community. Not even close, someone that tells you are an idiot for even putting a post up on here like this is the Xbox player who knows damn well they are being petted on the head by the developer. As for the short comings, that has nothing to do with the over all experience in this game. Just like everyone else, you get your good rounds, and you get your bad rounds. Some teams stack, and know how to play the game better than others together. I’m talking about an issue that happens where you know you got the shot popped off. Sometimes nothing happens, sometimes you get to go on a killing streak. Better yet, after you get the down, and it still takes 3 shots to finish off that player who just got downed. It’s not a conspiracy, and they are not short comings due to user error. They are a result of multiple bugs in the game that come with the updates when they are released. Most of the bugs are not noticeable, there are a few that do stand out, so if you are a person who says you never had a problem, you are either incredibly lucky, or your just plain lying to cover your tracks. I did not put this post up for whoever feels like displaying their stupidity on a trolling level, I started a discussion that poses a real issue for PC players. You don’t believe me, go to the reviews about this game through the Microsoft store, under older reviews, you will see Gears 5 clearly has way more negative reviews than positive ones about the multiplayer aspect. Anyone continues to troll on my thread instead of making a valid mature point will be flagged from this point on.

And neither does 1 persons post

The problems you are talking about arent just restricted to PC players. Ive had a lot of instances where I hear my gnasher go off and nothing comes out.

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agreed, it goes both ways, sometimes the game plays great for console players, and sometimes the game plays better for PC players too. What is going on there with Gears is what I like to call the thumb thing, Xbox players, you get to do well this round :+1:, next round, now you Xbox players don’t get to do well :-1:. Now you PC players get to do well :+1:, now you PC players don’t get to do well :-1:… It leaves me saying this to the game after taking it so long :fu:.

Pressing the button and no shot being fired happens to me more often on xbox then it does on PC, it does however happen on both.

Try playing the game on xbox and see for yourself before coming here playing the victim.


So then its not the developer enabling xbox players to have an advantage over PC players? I feel like you have just now undermined your OP.

Not trying to sound like an as$hole but this response kinda defeats the purpose of this whole thread

Lolol you think console players don’t have these issues??
Pc players have less than half the input lag compare to console players. Its very noticable.
The game plays sooo much smoother on PC.
Even with the aim assist off pc players still have this weird sticky target bs going on. There are quite a few video’s that address this.

I highly disagree with you sir.

Already did, it’s actually a lot more consistent on console with a stable internet connection. And then I got rid of my Xbox because PC was just that much better.

Just play with controller on PC
I use controller on PC , works perfectly fine.

Already do, I’m not having nearly as many inconsistencies as I was before the last patch. I’m just pointing out what others on PC are going through in this game.