TC you like to patch all the glitches who help players this is one

Hi everywhere as we know TC is running all so here’s something that a lot of you y maybe use and maybe not but whatever let’s see if TC patch this:
People can go to a horde private custom lobby select jack and go to an unaccessible point and stay afk for 4 hours you can go for a drink take a shower etc. And when the for hours has passed return to main menu and what you have??? 50k xp and stars for TOD @TC_Sera hope you can patch this

I need some stars and GC.

Maybe I’ll run this at night while I sleep.

Thanks for the idea.

PS: Custom lobbies aren’t hurting anyone.



And also why does this bother you? Does it affect you? Does it mess the game up?


I’m down before patching…thank you though


One bonus message:



How do you propose they patch this?

  • To everyone’s liking, they just updated the game to rewards TOD stars for time played.
  • Jack has always been able to go invisible and go to parts of the map other characters cannot.
  • If you solo as Jack with bots on, you don’t have to do anything at all and they will pass the waves for you… just like a Jack can in a “regular” custom, or even a matchmaking horde with real people.

What’s your solution then?

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People has to grind by the normal way

I understand you’re exposing a method that you don’t like and you just said you want people to grind the “normal” way… but I’m asking specifically how you would patch what you’ve pointed out? You’ve asked them to patch it, so how would you do it that wouldn’t be to the detriment of the good things they have implemented?

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That not a good thing and be honest almost all of changes they’ve improved ruined PvE and PvP for this kind of things we have a lot of noobs in lobbys u actually are 50 re up I’m not gonna argue it cause you’re a great player and I respect you

I don’t see why that would affect you … I mean if people wanna do that its their business.

at the end of the day man . it doesnt matter if you’re in legend rank or just a cadet in Gears 5. true skill shows doesnt matter what rank or level you are in any game .


That the issue a lot of high re ups and don’t see who is an skilled player and who is a noob

Getting 50k XP seems doable in 30-40 mins.

But if someone gets that much in 3-5 hours or something, that doesn’t seem much.

It seems a smart way of multi tasking.


Clearly you have no idea how he got re up 50 :rofl: anyone can do it and it takes no skill.


Since they haven’t explained, one could suggest an AFK kick timer of 3+ or 5+ mins.

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I don’t see the importance of knowing if people are skilled or unskilled in any game…

Long ago I stop caring of medals, ranks or ribbons either in chess or gears of war… the biggest accomplishment I could ever take its someone saying " oh geez man that’s pretty sick what you did" and that’s about it. . I couldn’t care less for anything else on the game.

Having fun and making a good enteratining game for my friends. it’s enough for me.


extremely bad idea

It seems like you have a problem with people abusing this and getting re-up 50.

Then you go and make your problem worse by advertising it on the forums.

A patch, if one is coming, could be a while from now. Meanwhile this is going viral because you posted about it and your problem gets worse and worse.

Try reaching out privately or something?


The game throws players out already if they idle for like I don’t know, 30 minutes maybe. So this method by itself would still require some presence at the controller, no matter how (in)efficient it may be or whether someone believes it’s harmful or not.

I think every wave resets the timer, but I’m not sure.

Nobody is getting re up 50 from doing this lol.