TC: You guys NEED to step up your Gore game

Compare the gore from Gears 1-3 to the gore in Gears 5. Gears 5 gore looks like a bunch of playdough with red liquid inside of it.

In Gears 1 and 2 there were bones and organs when you gibbed somebody. The blood had way more crimson in it. In Gears 2 when you gibbed someone with the gnasher their entire mass was sent flying backwards. Every weapon had different gore. Blowing somebody up with the boomshot was completely different from blowing somebody up with the torque bow, vs grenades, vs a shotgun gib, etc. In Gears 1 when you got a sniper headshot the body would stand still for a second before crumpling to the ground. The gore in older Gears games was INFINITELY better than what we have now.

This may seem like I’m complaining over something that really doesn’t matter but let’s be honest, a lot of us were drawn to Gears in the first place in part because of the gore. It made the game stand out among the crowd and it was very well done. How in 14 years since Gears 1 was released has the gore gotten worse? Gore is a huge part of Gears of War and making kills satisfying is EXTREMELY important.

In the next Gears title gore needs to be a much bigger focus. TC struggles with immersion in general (atmosphere, gore, color palette, etc.) but in my opinion gore is the most important thing they need to get right. Killing somebody feels nowhere close as satisfying as it used to be.


Everyone’s been saying the same for a while


Does need to keep being emphasized tho, it’s a massive step back


It is. It was a staple of the series now it’s being tossed to the back seat for a reason I can’t remember

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If I had to guess I’d say they toned it down to appeal more to the masses, us gore freaks are the minority I’m sure

Taking intimate in game photos of the gore in gears 2 was half my childhood, and yeah when I first popped in 4 and got my first swarm kill I was truly baffled on why they had so much silly putty inside them. And also TC said it’s a graphics issue and all the gore would overload blah blah blah blah, they did it on older gen, it’s just laziness to not be able to do it now, especially with games like the last of us 2 coming out, really makes this game feel like it could be rated T if it wasnt for the cussing. And even that was toned down beyond belief when comparing to the original.

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It’s obvious to me why they did it, g5 is age rated at 15, no GaaS wants to exclude the 15-18 bracket of spenders.

I’d bet ya can’t keep a 15 age rating with super realistic gore bags exploding everywhere

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Aperently it was an issue with memory* if I remember correctly, sounds dubious but what do I know. If it was the case luckily with Nextbox and Gears 6 there will be no such issues.

*I know we had it before and a lot better but as I was told before you can’t just “port” things over, new engine and all that!?!

I can confirm they forgot to put it in the game, yes :rofl:

Seriously tho, never believed that excuse


It was to appear to new players :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: That did not work at all.
The game was such a mess no one enjoyed it.
Gow should always be a gorey , skilful & challenging game to play.


Gore made Gears fun, feel like something that was actually rated 18.

Just feels dumbed down now.

Especially the Ketchup Blood.


I’m a firm believer in that the gore needs to be a little more real… and I don’t mean the lack of organs or whatever that would probably be covered in blood on that body you just shot apart anyway.

I mean the way bodies are basically made of jelly and fall apart for everything hitting them. And how gore models turn into jelly on some enemies once they die(most apparent on Wardens that can be shot with anything once dead and it takes their limbs off or makes them fall apart). Like, seriously. Why does a Boltok rip apart entire bodies, even on headshots? Why does the EMBAR also rip bodies apart when it is a purely kinetic projectile with no explosives in it? Neither of those weapons took bodies apart in Gears 4 on a headshot, yet they do in Gears 5. And apparently each and every rifle also now makes heads explode too. When I would expect that at best maybe Torque Bows or a Longshot/EMBAR headshot would achieve such.

Two particular pet peeves of mine however are explosives, and the Wardens(or Scions in general). Explosives… well, let’s be honest. If a Boomshot can blast off two massive steel doors with complete ease, why would it leave big chunks lying around instead of utterly obliterating anything human sized it was shot at? It just seems silly.

Then, Scions. Locust that evolved into something even tougher after the Imulsion countermeasure… yet they also fall apart far too easily and basically have the same gore model as the Drones or humans. Wardens are also supposed to be these super tough enemies… yet even though their entire body is covered in practically indestructible crystals, once they’re dead they fall apart to basically everything again. I don’t think an explosive would completely take them apart either. And their head always blows off even though it is tough enough to resist getting shot straight in the face, and even if you didn’t headshot them.

But then I guess I’m just ranting too much about something that’s likely never going to happen.


I’ve said this other places, and so I’ll say it here. I think it has to do with the youngest generation (this would include me)
So we (Gen Z) grew up on movies and shows like Saw, Wolf Creek, Hostel, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, etc…this was our childhood and coming-of-age entertainment. Gore wasn’t exciting for us, it was so common place that we no longer even noticed it. So its just not that important. I also believe that game devs are going to try and appeal to younger audiences, in order to expand their playerbase, Also (and I don’t have any data on this, so I could be off here) younger people seem to be more likely to buy video games than older ones. I mean if you have a 30-40 something (the general age range of a lot of Gears 1 vets) who have a job, wife, kids, social lives, responsibilities, etc… and a 14 year old high school freshman, which demographic are you going to want to cater to? The 14 year old kid who’s life is video games. And things that aren’t important to that demographic are going to get pushed to the wayside.


I understand the point @TC_Clown however the gore its a important part of the game , and its way too moronic that Gears 3 has more gore and blood than Gears 5 at this point.

Violence effects is an important part of the game presentation, and for me not adding that on Gears 5 its because the devs were slugging the ball or being lazy in that department.


Prob for smoother gameplay, looks like it didn’t work

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LuL @ anyone believing your parents let you watch anything rated above PG.


All I’m going to tell is that gore brought me into Gears.

I was already a fan of Epic Games with Unreal Tournament and I was hearing good things about Gears of War but I wasn’t a Xbox owner yet so I wasn’t paying much attention. Then one evening I watched a video review of Gears of War the week of its release. I saw Marcus performing a chainsaw execution. The next day I bought a Xbox 360.


Fortnite dosent have gore.

Sooooooooo, what we did instead was…


Well, we definitely didn’t watch gory and exciting shows and movies cause that didn’t appeal…


Oh wait :roll_eyes:

I get it, I jus disagree :yum:


What a fu*king crazy show that thing is