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TC, you don't like criticism? Too bad

Here is what I don’t like as a PC player of this game…

TC takes the console player, and makes them stronger than the PC player regardless of more powerful hardware specs… When you play a game on a really weak system, and someone is playing a game on a really high performance gaming system, the game should be operating better on the higher end performance system right?

now I know you have to have some skill to do well in gears 5, but come on with the Xbox buff over the PC Nerf, TC, you have no idea how frustrating it is when your playing this game, and you shoot someone close up with the nasher and nothing happens.

You devs sit there and take one of the greatest games ever made, and you drop the ball on that last update with a bug.

The bug I’m talking about is the one where the Xbox player who is playing this game at 60 fps vs the PC player who is playing this game at 144 fps with a 4 millisecond response display.

This bug doesn’t care how much faster your PC is over a Xbox, this bug only cares about the Xbox player, and it needs to be fixed very soon.

Some people say they don’t have that problem, I’m going to say who ever says that is either a liar, or your a console gamer.

My point is this, congrats to TC on making the console player feeling bigger than the PC player, because we all know if you didn’t have that buff, and PC wouldn’t have that Nerf, it would be the Xbox gamer in the forums crying to TC that it isn’t fair, PC is more powerful than we are.

I don’t give 2 sh*ts if this topic gets locked either, it would just prove that console is TC’s bread and butter, and that Xbox players are really that sensitive.

So TC, are you going to fix this where Gears 5 is a even level playing field between PC and Xbox, or do us PC players have to stop playing your game, also since your game is on game pass, your bug deters PC players like myself from wanting to even purchase this game, so do something about this or your PC players base slowly goes bye bye.


LuL what buff/nerf are you talking about? I have both an XBone and gaming PC, and playing on the Xbox is like being in slow motion/quicksand and there is input delay on everything. Playing on PC is a huge advantage.


I’m sure you’ve posted this before, what is the buff/nerf you’re talking about?

The gnasher has a known issue with mouse and keyboard on pc currently. I presume the OP is referring to this as the bug/nerf.


Ya, I’m aware of that, but OP sounds like he’s trying to describe something intentionally done by TC. The mouse aiming issue is, of course, a bug rather than a design choice.

So basically you’re saying you’d be happy if it was console players crying in the forums rather than you on PC.
Yeah I might’ve cared, but what you said is just dumb, so… too bad for you.

No, the bug isn’t just for keyboard and mouse, it goes a bit further than that.

PC players have this thing where the nasher won’t even fire the first shot, or the 2nd shot, it’s almost like they took your nasher and locked it up so the console player has more of a chance at killing the PC player vs an even playing field where skill wins.

PC players also have to shoot Xbox players more than 2 to 3 times sometimes just to get them down at close range, meanwhile the nasher on Xbox is working smooth as butter, and an Xbox player can pop any PC players head off on the first shot every time.

This bug is a huge handicap to console gamers who play gears 5, it is also a huge Nerf to PC players who play gears 5. Some think it’s an intentional mistake by TC because they know most people who play this game on PC know they are running a lot higher specs that Xbox just wouldn’t be able to compete with, also the performance and response time with PC is far stronger than Xbox, it’s common knowledge in the PC realm, thus the reason why more console players are going the PC route now days.

Deja Vu?


This problem exists on Xbox as well. Where the gnasher won’t shoot. It can also happen if a player switches weapon. The player then has to repress the button to get a shot out.

This is very frustrating and can lead to death.
It’s definitely a bug. That seems to occur randomly.


Sounds like a bug I’ve run into on Xbox. (A bug, not intentional by TC)

Check your connection, or their connection. It’s a problem everyone has.

“Intentional mistake” is hyperbolic and makes no sense. There’s no conspiracy against PC players that just secretly makes Console players OP asf. I only really play 2v2 and FFA, but in 2v2s the majority of the time a PC player (40-60% of the time) the PC player has better accuracy and movement than I’m capable of. Now I’m just a poor Gold 3-Onyx 2 at best (Gears 4, in 5 it only lets me hit Bronze 2), but still I feel as if you’ve just been running into other issues and you’re misrepresenting them as some sort of intentional problem on the precaution that you’re just salty with the game.


So your gnasher I inconsistent?

Welcome to gears by tc!!
If you hadn’t noticed we ALL have that problem, especially if you have a good connection.

Yes you have an extra mouse bug to contend with, but otherwise you are not dealing with anything more than what every single player has to deal with.


More like welcome to gears, gnasher has never been consistent.


Yea. Buff!

Yes there is a conspiracy. T.C catered the game for Xbox, Bad player, casual players.

Did you really just say pc players should be better because their system is more expensive? That’s not how it works, you can spend all the money in the world on your pc and still you’ll be ■■■■ at the game

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Gears 5 just plays like crap regardless of your system of choice. Its not just Gnasher inconsistency its more than that hence why this game is bombing. The most basic function of a shooter doesnt work. Shooting your target and having the shot register.


For your information, at no point I mentioned anything about price between PC and Xbox.

I only stated that if your PC has a lot higher specs than Xbox like frame rate, a monitor that has either free sync, or G-sync, and your capping out at 144 fps to 190 fps with a monitor that has less than a 5 millisecond response time, gears for that person should be running a lot better, faster, smoother, over all the game should be performing 20 times better.

And no, I’m not trash at the game, my network is running off of a gig FYI, and I do play this game on a Xbox One X, so the BS is definitely there between Xbox and PC.

Over all the nasher on Xbox has literally 1% inconsistency issues, the other 99% is working like butter, so you can argue what I’m saying, you cannot argue that I have experienced both on a regular basis.

Now for the rest of you who say it’s not a bug and I just suck at the game, I know your a console player, I know you are aware of the handicap you are receiving by TC, and you are using it to your full advantage, so I’m going to say some pretty nasty BS now…

Enjoy being patted on the head, this is the only time you will ever get one up on PC players, because of this BS bug, most of the PC player base no longer plays this game anymore, so enjoy the favoritism while you can get it because there is not going to be a Gears 6 because of these DB developers like TC screwing the PC gamer over pretty hard.

I really hope TC can get it together though, the biggest money maker for them is PC, steam is a prime example, so if they want to continue making this franchise, they are going to have to be willing to let the Xbox player take a nasty beating every now and again, what, you Xbox gamers actually think there is more of you on console vs steam? Xbox alone cannot keep a game developer thriving very long, so you better check the stats on that one.

…did TC ever say they don’t like criticism?

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Does Alex Jones play Gears? This conspiracy is so out there that I’m literally going crazy that you’re assuming this poorly built game is actually really well built, but pandered towards Console players.

What in the God damn world is this logic? I am confused and disappointed.

“Game no work right. Is it bugged or disfunctional, nah. They just cheat for console plebs. PC Master race get crapped on. For absolutely no reason cuz console players suck and can’t compete.”

This is all I can assume is running through your head.