TC why do you think it's acceptable to charge us money to advertise products for other companies?

I’m noticing a trend with items being added to the Gears 5 storefront. Most notably the AAPE pack and Terminator packs. Each of them being $20 each. What you are essentially asking is for us to pay you money to do free advertising for another company’s product/movie. Shouldn’t these items be free?

I understand paying money for new content/character skins but I think it’s an insult to charge people for what is essentially making us walking billboards in-game for other company’s products. Like with the Terminator horde event. You give us the privilege of grinding out these horde challenges so that when we get MVP we can have the honor of Advertising a movie or brand of clothing for you. Gee thanks.

Does anyone else think this a tad ridiculous or is it just me?


Not to mention that some of the banners are essentially product advertisements for other games. I can kind of maybe understand say the Sea of Thieves and Forza banners as they are MS IPs, but we got one for Wasteland which has nothing to do with MS.

What’s next, a Pepsi or John Deere banner?

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A pepto-bismol banner would be nice.


Wasteland is an InXile game… InXile is a part of Xbox Game Studios.

So MS has a lot to do with that actually.


" Hasta la vista Baby" ( TERMINATOR )

Actually had to google that. You’re right, thanks for the info.

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Because players seem to not only accept whatever TC throws at them but pay it. People complain about microtransations yet they rush to buy these packs.

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To be honest, I don’t mind there being MTX in Gears as long as you know what you’re getting when you pay for it and the prices aren’t too egregious. Which we know that a lot of the prices in the store currently are pretty bad. Because I know it goes to support the production of free maps/content for the whole playerbase so we’re not split up by who does and doesn’t have the latest map pack. But I just can’t understand the thought process behind selling customization items that are advertising products right on the character and weapon skins.

I want to be treated like a valued fan/player. Not like a walking billboard.