TC, why do I play against Onyx(s)? If your matchmaking is so perfect

I’m not gonna argue with the ranking system here, and you know what - let’s figure it is a good one :slight_smile: #irony
But since I’m a Silver player, why do I encounter Gold and Onix players (in KOTH) in matchmaking? (how do I know ? they’re my friends ).
The promise is pretty clear “you’ll be placed in a tier that is appropriated to your skill” … but if I’m Silver, I’m obviously not Onyx.
Is there so few players that everybody’s mixed? And if so, isn’t it appropriate to make such a Thing with ranks then?
Finaly, where is the fun when new players compete against high skill players, for both of them?


I was silver straight after placement matches, at that time I’ve played against top 16% Master Diamonds players…that happens quite often as might one of your team is ranked so high…

That i s Exactly the problem : you souldn’t play against more ranked players (at least when you play solo), IT MAKES NO SENSE. Let’s pretend that everybody play their roles, so the Diamonds will get 99 kills and you (the silver) will get “only” 20. How can you rank up ? Whether the better players are on your side or the opposite ? You will be de-ranked because of them eventually. Great Ranking system !


Absolutely right, as for deranking, tell me about it! I’m living the moment xD

The matchmaking in this game is abysmal. I regularly got bronze players on my team when I was in masters. It’s not fair to them and it’s not fair to me.

My suggestion to fix this is limit the matchmaking to only matching you with:

  • Your tier
  • A tier below you
  • A tier above you

That would be fairer at least.

The game population is too low to match you up with only Silver Tier players at all times. That is if you don’t want to wait an eternity to find matches.

EXACTLY !!! I’m tired of playing with “apparently” players on the same level, when it’s not,
I don’t know how to restrain the matchmaking on players around my tiers and I would love to do so ^^

Tell me about it. Bronze in Escalation, everyone else is diamonds and onyx 80% of the time. I’m half convinced I’m the only bronze on the planet that’s been playing it. Either that or the matchmaking is bonkers.

I can’t believe there are so few players that they have to mix rankings. And if they do so, why are there no differences in results? That IS NOT fair at all (playing a game where most of players are highly skills when you’re not , should reward you, WHEN IT DOES THE OPPOSITE)

Not to mention that in KOTH there are A LOT of players (I can find a game within 45secs), so how come ?

We were just discussing this in game last night.
In g4 if I played against a dia.ond and won I went up in points or rank. I’m constantly playing against higher levels and holding my own most of the time. Yet my rank barely goes up.
But if I get smashed by a master or diamond and I’m gold I lose 900 points like I did last night.

This isnt right

Totally agree. Someone has to tell us at least one thing: Why do you play with people who have higher ranks ?

Ryan explained this.
If you have like one onyx 3 silver and a diamond its gonna try to match you with a like minded group…

I was going to post about this today as well. I am Bronze 3. I have 3,000 skill points approximately. At the end of a match, I typically see that each team’s total skill points are around 50,000. I have seen as much as 80,000. If my team has 51K skill points, and 3K come from me, that means the other 4 players have an average of 12K skill points.

I messaged one of the players on an opposing team the other night, a player who had been probably gotten the Nemesis ribbon on me 4 times in the course of a KOTH match, to ask him what his ranking was. He was Onyx 3. So I am a Bronze 3 and I’m being matched against Onyx 3. This is ridiculous. What is the point in The Coalition working on fixing the ranking system and making sure people earn or lose an appropriate number of skill points if they are just going to ultimately disregard the rankings when it comes time to make a match?

The difference between a Bronze player like myself and an Onyx player like I am forced to play against is night and day. It’s not just a quantitative difference measured by the gap our respective skill points, it’s also qualitative: The Onyx player is doing things I don’t even understand, like somehow hooking their gnasher 180° around a wall to gib me.

To anyone who would tell me to just “get good” understand that I do not want to play at a higher level. I just want to be placed in matches against people of a similar skill level.

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Yet Ryan claimed in his thread that his matchmaking system is the fairest (I believe that’s the word he used) of then all. I mean sure, if Gears was the only game in existence. :rofl:

I think the matchmaking engine is treating you like garbage because you are bronze. It places more importance on getting total skill points of each team to be equal than ensuring all players have a fair experience. You and your 2 or 3 thousand skill points are just the padding needed to get the teams’ total skill points to even out.

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Yup. I get put on teams with around 65k points most of the time, so my teammates average 15k each? While I have 4500? I have to say though that when one of my shots actually connect with one of those blurs I feel like a million bucks :joy:


It is not fun. I somehow got hooked on this game back in Gears 4. But I think the overwhelming majority of new players – who have other games they’re interested in playing – will just stop playing and uninstall.

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yeah it does feel good. I guess those little bursts of dopamine are why I put up with this game.
But I would say that in going up against an apparent onyx or diamond player,
85% of the time they will kill me
10% of the time I will kill them
5% of the time a teammate comes to my rescue and kills them
And what this means to me is that the premise of “this bronze player will be fine going up against diamonds because they’ll have teammates who are diamonds” is bunk.

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pretty simple explanation here people. how do you expect to play against all Silver1’s if there’s nobody in that Rank to even play with at the exact time your looking for a game?

the game isn’t going to magically conjure up 9 Silver1’s for you to play against at 4:32PM on a Tuesday in the West Coast Server Region.

  • players in your Region
  • Matchmaking times
  • players near your Skill Level

it’s about balancing these three factors so unless you like waiting 1+ hour to be matched closer to your Rank then your just going to have to deal with it.

this is exactly how it would work with a huge population to pick from, but unfortunately it’s not. So, to keep the MM times decent it relaxes the Ranked requirements and/or Region requirements.

I don’t expect to play just people in my rank. I do expect to play with people at least in the same bottom half of the leaderboard as me. Unless there are only thirty people playing Escalation in the evenings and weekends US central time, this shouldn’t be an unreasonable expectation.

Who knows. Maybe there really are only thirty of us. Or maybe I am the only bronze crazy enough to stick around past my placement matches. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: