TC why am I being suspended?

Interesting how small the community is now. We played against Angry in June and Demonz didn’t know who he was. Now it seems everyone is meeting everyone else. Good stuff. I should really hop back on.

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If you edit your main post up top and explain to us in details I’m sure they can help you. I also have a family and play about 2-3 hours a night.

The Coalition already responded. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Yup after the reply I noticed so I stayed quiet lol

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Yea there has been tons of these complaints for months now people getting suspended for just trying to find a match the matchmaking restarts and someone ends up with a suspension. Happened to me last week. Never seen a reply from anyone in the past but at least TC commented, he’s about the only one I see on here replying. Wish he was more involved in a lot of other issues.

Surprisingly enough I often notice people always seem to “lose connection “ when it seems the team is going to lose. Very frustrating for the remaining squad to finish the match with less than 5 teammates. I’m sure a few suffer the random kick but let’s be honest most just quit out and are crying about the suspension.

This^^ is BS.
Commitment is also having a decent Internet before even buying a game. I firmly can bet that vast majority of harsher penalties requests here are coming from wracked connection players that nobody wants to play with, no one can stand their sponging while ping spiking 200, 300%…

Here you go, that’s the answer, buddy you get banned because developers are too pro-noob orientated, protecting cheaters, high pingers, trash abusers etc. Hey they are more passionate and spend also more i guess…

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Of course they can. They spend less on internet just so they can spend more on packs. They gain an advantage so why not? Lol

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True that.

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Game is telling me I am suspended, but I just completed and finished a match. Is it a common bug?

Ok this just happened to me just now this is the 2nd day in a row and the timer went up this time now i gotta sit here for 30 mins when i wanna be playing. Im highly against quitting matches. Ive never done it once. But the game likes to randomly remove me from the lobby then penalize me for it.

ive been suspended before in the past but sometimes you just get suspended while waiting to join a lobby.just yesterday after i bought the new esupporter pack while waiting to join a lobby i got suspended for two days. the match making is a complete mess.

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Ok i would be so mad if that happened. Im going thru a gears obsession right now. 30 minutes is unbearable right now let alone 2 days

Yes I’d have to agree with willdebeast. This is ■■■■■■■■ what gears did with the suspensions. Playing koth after a 23 hour suspension and got one game in. Mvpd that ■■■■. Let’s start another! Dissolved. 1 day 23 hour 15 minute suspension!! This is beyond frustrating. On top of also bein deducted points at the end of the game I get suspended for 2 days. I’m not a child, I’ve got two kids myself. When I spend 60 bucks on a game I’d expect it to work like it should . If it’s gears fault it bugs out, why are we taking the hit. All I play is ranked matchmaking!! Not anymore!! This game is a f’n paperweight… just my 2 cents


Maybe someone could enlighten me?

TC are well aware of the penalty issues and disconnects. They are looking into it and will post an update as soon as they can. Your best bet is to try clear your penalty and perhaps stick to playing social until they post an update. Other than that there is nothing to be done.

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Although disagree it’s a rant lol. I mean cmon now!

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Oh boy! Come home from a week and a half in Cali for work and go to start a game of gears 4 up and dissolved. Played one game and wouldn’t you know it! 3 day suspension! Lol. …I’m not too sure what to say about this ■■■■■■■■. My internet is excellent so I don’t even wanna hear it’s connection issue. Give me some other excuse why this game does this… again anyone want to enlighten me? Get rid of this penalty ■■■■. Or get your ■■■■ together gears. Thoroughly pissed!!!

3 days is harsh for lagging out. Did you use to quit matches?

Unfortunately the game has a program that get people suspended for leaving the game to much and the game doesn’t know the difference between leaving and getting kick out because of the game server. This problem has been going on for 5 months and they haven’t bother to fix it. MY best advice is to stop rank entirely if you keep on getting kick out of the server.